MW Chapter 1581

Chapter 1581 – Blood Moon’s Crisis

“Protect the Empress!”

The moment that Blood Moon moved, 18 eunuchs and old maids had already been prepared. They stood atop an array formation, and the Empress and Blood Moon stood at the heart of it! Now that Blood Moon launched such a sudden attack, the runes beneath the 18 eunuchs and maids shimmered as they gathered their strength, forming a mighty raging river that rushed towards Blood Moon.

The floor tiles exploded to pieces as energy raced forwards like a tide, filled with killing intent!

Facing the onslaught of these 18 people, Blood Moon coldly sneered. “An 18 Clear King Array. Such a dignified Arid Peace Palace, as the ruler of the harem you can only display an array formation of this level?”

Arid Peace Palace’s 18 Clear King Array had to be laid down by array masters and divine runic masters. However, within the entire inner Asura Road, although array masters were somewhat easy to find, divine runic masters were not; they were exorbitantly...

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