MW Chapter 1579

Chapter 1579 – All Encompassing Net


The yellow-robed eunuch wildly cackled. To a eunuch, their most taboo subject was their castration. Even for those court eunuchs that severed their manhood to practice martial arts, this was still no exception!

Now, Xiao Moxian had specifically poked at this wound so how could he not become enraged? In his heart, this old eunuch had already passed down a death penalty to Xiao Moxian and Lin Ming.

“I have no idea how long it’s been since someone has dared speak to me like this! Good! Good! Very good! Do you know what the most exquisite torture methods in the imperial palace are? I can allow you to experience them all!”

The yellow-robed eunuch reached out for Xiao Moxian, but at this time, a cold cough resounded in the world. “What insolence! Are you trying to rebel!?”

This voice carried with it a powerful penetrative power. All of the nearby vases and furniture was left shattered by this voice!

Imperial Concubine Moon held a four foot long treasure sword, her face covered by her veil. She raised her sword. With her slender figure combined with this sword, she gave off a fierce and swift feeling.

“You stupid minion, who gave you the courage to be so rampant in my Full Moon Hall!”

As Imperial Concubine Moon spoke she pointed her swords towards the yellow-robed...

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