MW Chapter 1578

Chapter 1578 – Summons of the Empress

The eunuch’s sharp and grating voice reverberated through all of Full Moon Hall. The young maid propped herself up against the carved wooden door. She gathered her wits, her hand held against her chest even as her complexion was left paled and stunned.

She had been shocked by that shout because she was far too young and her cultivation was far too weak. As for that eunuch’s voice, it was extremely vigorous. Although there wasn’t any true essence in his voice it was still filled with energy, making the eardrums shake.

And, another reason was that to a palace maid without any decent cultivation, the title of Empress was far too terrifying!

The Empress was the mother of the nation and the head of the harem. All palace maids, all eunuchs, all imperial concubines, everyone had to obey the summons of the Empress. Within the harem, the Empress had absolute power!

Now, a powerful chief eunuch had suddenly shouted out the decree of the Empress. This inevitably placed a great deal of pressure on a young maid!

“The summons of the Empress?”

Lin Ming rubbed his chin, some thoughts flashing through his mind. Now that the Marvel Blue Emperor was in closed door seclusion, if the Empress had issued a decree towards Imperial Concubine Moon then it was impossible that...

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