MW Chapter 1578

Chapter 1578 – Summons of the Empress

The eunuch’s sharp and grating voice reverberated through all of Full Moon Hall. The young maid propped herself up against the carved wooden door. She gathered her wits, her hand held against her chest even as her complexion was left paled and stunned.

She had been shocked by that shout because she was far too young and her cultivation was far too weak. As for that eunuch’s voice, it was extremely vigorous. Although there wasn’t any true essence in his voice it was still filled with energy, making the eardrums shake.

And, another reason was that to a palace maid without any decent cultivation, the title of Empress was far too terrifying!

The Empress was the mother of the nation and the head of the harem. All palace maids, all eunuchs, all imperial concubines, everyone had to obey the summons of the Empress. Within the harem, the Empress had absolute power!

Now, a powerful chief eunuch had suddenly shouted out the decree of the Empress. This inevitably placed a great deal of pressure on a young maid!

“The summons of the Empress?”

Lin Ming rubbed his chin, some thoughts flashing through his mind. Now that the Marvel Blue Emperor was in closed door seclusion, if the Empress had issued a decree towards Imperial Concubine Moon then it was impossible that they would be chatting about old times. There was definitely some play involved concerning political and material benefits.

And according to what Lin Ming knew, Prince Marvel Shen was the son of the Empress!

Prince Marvel Shen had a prominent background. Although his talent was a great deal worse than Grandprince Marvel Snow’s, the influence and power he grasped in his hands was several times greater than Marvel Snow’s!

And Blood Moon was also known as Imperial Concubine Moon. She was the offering that Grandprince Marvel Snow had given to the Marvel Blue Emperor.

With a little bit of thinking, one could imagine just what sort of cooperative relationship they had.

Blood Moon was an imperial concubine in name only. In truth, she was actually a helper that Marvel Snow had brought in!

And the price that Marvel Snow paid was likely a promise to help Blood Moon stabilize her position in Heaven’s Net once he succeeded the position of emperor!

This was a mutually beneficial interaction, a win-win situation for the both of them. Of course, the basis of this was that Blood Moon was able to help Marvel Snow succeed the throne. Otherwise, if she failed, not only would she obtain no advantages but she might be dragged in without any ability to defend herself!

All of these thoughts raced through Lin Ming’s mind. He could feel that the Empress’ summons this time had no good intentions behind them!

The Empress would certainly support her son Marvel Shen, and as for Blood Moon, she supported Marvel Snow. Between Empress and imperial concubine, there was bound to be a fierce battle!

And at this time, Blood Moon had already exited to receive the decree.

This was a written decree with the seal of the Empress as well as the mark of the imperial jade seal; it wasn’t a verbal decree only.

Generally speaking, if the Empress wanted to summon someone she would only need to pass on a message. She normally wouldn’t need to do something as serious as sending out a written decree.

“Imperial Concubine Moon. In these past days, the Empress has been managing national affairs and now she wishes to clear out the harem. In these last months the Emperor has been unable to pay attention to the affairs of the state and in his absence, there have been many princes and imperial concubines that have been forming their own influences within the imperial palace, even gathering guests here and creating all sorts of trouble and commotion. Now, the Empress has decreed a cleansing. Imperial Concubine Moon, I hope that you do not mind if I search through Full Moon Hall!”

In front of Imperial Concubine Moon, a yellow-robed eunuch cunningly smiled. His voice was sharp and daggers were hidden in his smile. Although his face was old and covered with wrinkles his eyes were still as sharp as an eagle’s, as if he could see through people to their bones.

This was a peak Holy Lord eunuch. Those eunuchs that wore yellow robes were all leaders amongst the eunuchs. For the Empress to send a chief eunuch to pass on a decree, it could be said that she was taking this matter extremely seriously. Moreover, there was even another team of eunuch bodyguards behind him!

These eunuch bodyguards all had a Divine Lord realm cultivation. The leader amongst these eunuchs even had an early Holy Lord realm cultivation.

Even though Marvel Blue Nation was a peak Holy Land influence, it was still impossible for them to have Divine Lords everywhere. A true palace bodyguard normally had a late Divine Transformation realm cultivation. Now that a team of Divine Lords had been sent here, it was clear that they had sent their most outstanding individuals!

This uproar and threatening momentum was definitely not a good sign.

Blood Moon frowned. According to palace rules, the Empress was in charge of the harem and she truly did have the authority to issue such a decree. Moreover, the Empress was now temporarily managing national affairs so her authority was even greater.

If she were to disobey then that would be violating the decree. There would be charges pushed against her, giving the Empress a chance to punish her!

Blood Moon was in an extremely bad situation to begin with. If she stirred up more trouble then it would only be adding fuel to the fire.

She quickly said with a true essence sound transmission, “Lin Ming, you and your companion must quickly leave through the transmission array here. I will have Eunuch Liang meet you on the outside! Although I have a token that allows you to enter the palace, the Empress is currently managing affairs of the state, thus if you were to fall into her hands she would be able to call down charges on you. If that were to happen then you would be dragged into this mess!”

Blood Moon’s words were quick and succinct; everything was heard by Lin Ming.

These words left Lin Ming startled. He suddenly developed a much more favorable impression of Blood Moon.

In Blood Moon’s opinion, Lin Ming must have some amazing master standing behind him. In ordinary times, it would be impossible for her to request a favor from Lin Ming’s master.

But if Lin Ming were to fall into danger, that would be a completely different situation!

If the Empress rashly did something to Lin Ming, harming him or even killing him, then it would be possible that Lin Ming’s master would take revenge for him. The anger of an Empyrean was no trifling matter. It was possible that the entire Marvel Blue Nation would be destroyed for this reason alone!

But Blood Moon did not use this to her advantage. Instead, she bid Lin Ming escape as soon as he could. The Imperial Palace had numerous masters standing guard here. If a junior like Lin Ming was wrapped up in the palace disputes then there really was a chance he would die!

Although Blood Moon didn’t attach much importance to Lin Ming and had even placed him in a side room without seeing him for half a month, she had never intended to harm him nor did she plan to use his safety as a chip to gain more advantages for herself.

This caused Lin Ming to feel a bit more trusting of Blood Moon. Although Blood Moon came from an assassin organization she still had her own moral code, one that she wouldn’t break. This sort of person was worth knowing.

However, although Blood Moon had told Lin Ming to leave, the old eunuch that issued the decree wouldn’t stand by and let this happen. In fact, before the old eunuch even stepped into Full Moon Hall, he had already carefully probed every master inside!

Lin Ming only had a Divine Lord realm cultivation but his foundation was far more solid than an ordinary Divine Lord powerhouse’s. The position he stood at was naturally vibrant and out of the ordinary.

And besides Lin Ming, there was no other top male master in Full Moon Hall. Eunuch Liang was not in Full Moon Hall at the moment, and even if he were the old eunuch would still have recognized and ignored him. Because of this Lin Ming had become the focus of his attention!

The old eunuch didn’t wait for Imperial Concubine Moon to respond. He turned towards the side building where Lin Ming was and hurtled forwards!


The wooden doors of the building were smashed apart!

The old eunuch rushed in like a wild bull!


The young maid that had been delivering washing water suddenly screamed. The powerful flux of energy that came with the old eunuch rushing over here suddenly surged towards the young maid!

The young maid only had a Pulse Condensation realm cultivation. If she were struck by this flow of energy then if she were lucky only all of her organs would shatter. If she wasn’t lucky then her entire body would explode to pieces and she would die a miserable death where she stood!

In the Imperial Palace, the life of a palace maid or eunuch was far too cheap. If they were struck to death they would simply be buried somewhere without even a tombstone to mark their grave.

Let alone these low level palace maids and eunuchs, even princes without status or talent were the same. After all, the Emperor had far too many descendants and the Imperial Palace had a limit to the number of people that it could hold. Those that lacked talent would be banished from the Imperial Palace, and as for whether they lived or died in the future, no one cared.

“Just what are you doing!?”

Xiao Moxian shouted out loud. Her apricot-round eyes widened and she waved her hand, her fast reflexes sending out a current of true essence that wrapped around the young maid and pulled her over!


Where the young maid had been originally standing, all of the surrounding furniture was shattered by the terrifying currents of energy. Even the tiles began to crack apart like a spider web.

These floor tiles had been specially made. Although they weren’t constructed from something as precious as timeless god stone, they still used materials as hard as divine steel. Now that these tiles were struck by the old eunuch they almost exploded to pieces. It could only be said that this old eunuch was deliberately setting his momentum up so that he could suppress Lin Ming with lightning speed!

Without the orders of the Empress, there was no way that a mere peak Holy Lord chief eunuch would dare to be so rampant in Full Moon Hall!

For the old eunuch to rush in and then stop, this was to vividly display the Empress’ attitude towards Imperial Concubine Moon!

“Hehe, so there really are accomplices and one of them is even a man!”

The old eunuch looked at Lin Ming and then turned towards Imperial Concubine Moon, a sly and thoughtful smile stretching across his face! It was like he had caught Lin Ming and Imperial Concubine Moon in bed together!

Imperial Concubine Moon’s face darkened, a thick surge of killing intent flashing in her eyes. She never thought that this old eunuch would use such a method to accuse her of crimes. This was simply a grand humiliation to herself!

“You stupid old turtle, it seems you don’t want to live!”

Xiao Moxian was already enraged. She still had the young maid held to her chest. The young maid had been frightened pale. Just now she had walked up to death’s door. If it weren’t for Xiao Moxian pulling her back then her blood would have splashed everywhere and she likely wouldn’t even have had a complete corpse!

The young maid looked towards Xiao Moxian with gratitude and awe. She felt grateful that Xiao Moxian had rescued her, and she was awed that Xiao Moxian would call this chief eunuch an old turtle to his face!

These chief eunuchs had an extremely high status and they could execute young maids and young eunuchs as they pleased! To a low level maid like herself, these chief eunuchs were existences that they felt absolute fear towards. Moreover, this chief eunuch had a peak Holy Lord cultivation!

But Xiao Moxian had still called him a turtle. And for a eunuch, they especially hated and loathed being called a turtle!

The young maid already thought that these words were braver than the heavens. But even so, she never imagined that Xiao Moxian’s next words would be even more malicious!

Without caring for how angry this chief eunuch was, Xiao Moxian sneered and said, “How ridiculously strange. When farm beasts like donkeys and horses are wild, they become much more docile after they are castrated. It becomes much more enjoyable to ride them and they listen to orders obediently. But you, after you had your manhood severed your temperament became so much worse instead. Does this mean that you are inferior to even donkeys and horses?”

Xiao Moxian’s words were toxic to the extreme!

After the young maid heard this she nearly fell on the floor. This was the same as challenging the chief eunuch’s bottom line!

And indeed, after the chief eunuch heard Xiao Moxian’s words, thick killing intent flashed in his eyes!


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