MW Chapter 1577

Chapter 1577 – Life-death Seclusion of the Emperor

Eunuch Liang was one of the chief eunuchs of Marvel Blue Imperial Palace as well as a trusted subordinate of the Marvel Blue Emperor. In the past, Blood Moon had done a favor for Eunuch Liang and there was even some friendship between them. The reason that Blood Moon came to Marvel Blue Imperial Palace was also because Eunuch Liang brought both sides together. Although Blood Moon could be said to be on a mission, the truth was that this was more a form of asylum. In Marvel Blue Imperial Palace, Blood Moon would be able to obtain some protection. Even so, she would have to return to Heaven’s Net sooner or later. That was where she had placed so much effort in these years to establish her own business and foundation, and there was also something there she needed to retrieve.

Before Blood Moon entered the harem, Eunuch Liang had referred to her as ‘miss’. But now, he also referred to her as ‘Imperial Concubine’. Eunuch Liang was faintly aware that Blood Moon came from the Divine Realm and she also had a blood enemy there, one that she was absolutely irreconcilable with.

Blood Moon had hidden her identity and had come to the Asura Road alone to temper and gain experience. In the end, she had become one of the leaders of Heaven’s...

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