MW Chapter 1575

Chapter 1575 – Imperial Concubine Moon

Marvel Blue Imperial Palace was extremely broad within; there were over 108,000 houses in it. Many imperial palace layouts were similar to those of mortal imperial palaces.

At the front of the Imperial Palace were the formal halls. There was the Heaven and Earth Hall, Primal Chaos Hall, Spiritual Cultivation Hall, Golden Dragon Hall, and over a hundred other such halls. When the Emperor met with his royal advisors and ministers he would do it in these halls.

But at the back of the Imperial Palace was the harem. This harem had over 3000 occupants. Every concubine was beautiful, graceful, and incomparably enchanting.

In the world of martial artists, a martial artist would found their own influence to create their own sect and become the sovereign. As for those martial artists like the Marvel Blue Emperor who chose to found their own country, construct their own Imperial Palace and make themselves an Emperor, that was somewhat...

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