MW Chapter 1574

Chapter 1574 – Marvel Blue City

Tens of thousands of miles west of Divine Rune City, there was a vast and limitless ocean.

Above this ocean were countless islands. Some islands were several thousand miles large, and some had more surface area than a giant planet.

Among these many islands, there was a large island with a 10,000 mile radius. This island was called Blue God Island.

This island was hot and humid, lit up with sunlight. Most of it was vast tracts of lush forests.

And surrounded by these lush forests, there was a tropical nation filled with greenery. This nation was called Marvel Blue Nation and its capital was Marvel Blue City.

Marvel Blue Nation was no mortal country. This was because this area produced a type of resource called blue snow gold. Moreover, these verdant forests were also filled with ancient vicious beasts and all sorts of heavenly materials. Thus, although Marvel Blue Nation was situated in a vast ocean, most of the citizens were martial artists and it wasn’t strange to see amazing top masters here.

Although its quality and quantity of martial artists couldn’t compare to Divine Rune City, Marvel Blue City was still outstanding when compared to many major cities of the Divine Realm....

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