MW Chapter 1572

Chapter 1572 – Entering the Guild

“Hey little fellow, how about we talk for a bit.”

After Lin Ming obtained the qualifications to become a third grade divine runic master, he knew that these several old geezers would have many questions they would want to ask him; this was something he couldn’t avoid.

Lin Ming nodded, “Well, that’s fine, we can speak in another room.”

“If you will.”

The white-robed Elder, Old Su, and Old Xue brought Lin Ming to a different room. After passing through the door, Old Xue turned and said to his apprentice Dreampearl, “The lot of you can wait outside.”

Dreampearl scratched her head, curiously looking towards the room. She also wanted to know what Lin Ming’s status was but she had been blocked by Old Xue.

She pursed her lips, muttering, “It’s like they are trying to keep everything a secret, what’s so great about knowing anyways.”

Dreampearl sat on a stone chair, not feeling very happy. She was filled with curiosity towards this human youth that was around her age and in fact really did want to know where Lin Ming came from and how he practiced to become so formidable.

“That fellow should have a powerful master.”

Clearshadow said from beside Dreampearl.

“Definitely… and they are probably much fiercer...

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