MW Chapter 1571

Chapter 1571 – Divine Runic Master Prodigy

Because of the door to the side hall, Qin Yi wasn’t able to see how Lin Ming’s examination was going. This caused him to be especially restless. He took up his teacup and then placed it down, looking at the time throughout.

Almost three hours…

Although a third grade divine runic symbol was far more difficult than a second grade divine runic symbol, the time it took wasn’t that much longer. Three hours should be more than enough to draw up the main form of a divine runic symbol.

And after the main form was the most difficult fusion step.

That was the crux for how to draw up a third grade divine runic symbol!

“This boy, he shouldn’t really be able to succeed, right…?” Old Xue whispered to himself, looking again and again at the door to the side hall. “No, I must take a look at the situation myself…”


At this time, in the side hall, Lin Ming’s drawing had reached the most critical phase. He had chosen one of the simplest third grade divine...

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