MW Chapter 1570

Chapter 1570 – Third Grade Divine Runic Master Examination

Normally, before a martial artist became a third grade divine runic master they would study for dozens of years or even over a hundred years of time.

The reason that the time fluctuated so much was because even as a young martial artist studied the divine runic arts, they still had to put time into cultivating. And, different people would divide their time in varying proportions. If someone invested more time into the divine runic arts then they would learn it faster than others, but no matter how much time they invested it would still take 20-30 years.

But compared to Lin Ming, who wasn’t even sixty years of age, Old Xue could go crazy and still not figure out how Lin Ming had allocated his time.

How could he dual cultivate body and energy, opening the complete Eight Inner Hidden Gates and even achieving a Divine Lord realm cultivation as he even practiced the divine runic arts to such a degree?

“Are you sure you want to take the third grade divine runic master examin...

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