Chapter 157 - Flame Essence

Chapter 157 – Flame Essence

Could this be…

Lin Ming tried to introduce another wisp of lava fire into his heart, and coincidently, the result was that the second wisp of lava fire was also devoured by the Heretical God Seed!

This time, Lin Ming had a vague understanding of the principle. The function of the Heretical God Seed was to gather energy, and to compress true essence.

Lava fire was also one kind of energy, thus it was directly eaten up by the Heretical God Seed.

Lin Ming cautiously probed with his soul force and found that after swallowing the two wisps of lava fire, the Heretical God Seed seemed to breathe. This breath was very weak, almost imperceptible, but it seemed as if… because of this breath, the Heretical God Seed had grown a little bit!

With this, Lin Ming was pleasantly surprised.

He didn’t think that he would inadvertently find a way to cultivate the Heretical God Seed.  However, if this growth was sustained, what kind of changes would occur?

This question caused Lin Ming to feel somewhat worried.

According to the memories of the mighty elder, he had found the ‘Heretical God Force’ skill manual within a long lost ancient ruin in the Realm of the Gods. There was a very high possibility that this secret skill was the last vestige left behind by an evil god.


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