MW Chapter 1567

Chapter 1567 – The Third Step

The Asura Heavenly Dao was vast and endless, impossibly complex and difficult to understand. How to make the tiny runes align with the Asura Heavenly Dao was the essence of the divine runic arts!

The first two parts of the divine runic arts were similar to inscription technique. Many divine runic masters had been studying this field for hundreds and thousands of years and they had reached the twelfth grade in the inscription technique.

In the Divine Runic Masters Guild alone, there were several twelfth grade inscription masters.

However, these twelfth grade inscription masters were at most seventh grade divine runic masters; some of them weren’t even at the seventh grade. If one had to come up with a reason then that was that understanding the Asura Heavenly Dao was far too difficult. It was simply impossible to perfectly master the final third step of the divine runic arts.

There were innumerable divine runic grandmasters that had studied the Asura Heavenly Dao for their entire lives. These were the Laws the managed everything within the Asura Road, a world that stood parallel with the 33 Heavens. In terms of their complexity, they were on par with the 33 Heavens!

This was equal to an independent universe....

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