MW Chapter 1565

Chapter 1565 – Continuing the Examination For A Second Grade Divine Runic Master

After Old Xue spoke, Old Su began to watch Lin Ming. Lin Ming had completed a third of his divine runic symbol but there were no abnormalities yet in his soul force and his movements were still as steady as before. Compare to when he first started drawing up the divine runic symbol, there wasn’t any difference at all.

If this continued, he really would be able to pass the divine runic master examination.

This would be an extraordinary accomplishment.

“Let’s just quietly observe. This young man is worth paying attention to, especially as a human. That alone makes him even more out of the ordinary…”

Old Xue whispered. And at this time, Clearshadow and Dreampearl had already completed two-thirds of their divine runic symbols; they were twice as fast as Lin Ming. As for Qin Yi, he was even faster. The tiny runes floating in front of him had already started gathering together, forming a variety of strange patterns as they condensed into a divine runic symbol. This was the last process for completion.

Finally, Qin Yi drew the last tiny rune. As this tiny rune floated into the air, the thousand some tiny runes shimmered, weaving together in the sky and forming a divine runic symbol. At the same time, Qin Yi took out a gold level god rune from his spatial ring, one that was compatible with the divine runic symbol he created.

For a first grade level divine runic symbol, a silver god rune was more than enough; a gold god rune would not have any superior effects. The reason Qin Yi chose a gold god rune was because he was hoping to enhance the grade of the divine runic symbol. If he needed to choose a blue soul level god rune he would have used a blue soul level god rune.

The divine runic symbol fused together with the Asura Heavenly Dao’s god rune. The arrangement of the numerous tiny runes was also affected by the god rune’s influence; this was the adding of the Asura Road’s Heavenly Dao Laws to the divine runic symbol.

This was the most important step of the divine runic arts. With this, the Fire Melting Symbol was complete!

And after Qin Yi finished drawing this divine runic symbol so quickly he was still beaming and in good spirits, with no sign that he had overdrawn his strength. He flicked his finger and this Fire Melting Symbol turned into a stream of light that flew towards the white-robed Elder responsible for the examination.

The white-robed Elder stretched out his hand and grasped the dazzling divine runic symbol. Then, he probed its internal structure with his sense. He nodded again and again, “Good! Good! Very good!”

To praise three times at once, this was an extremely rare occurrence for the strict examination officials!

Qin Yi’s Fire Melting Symbol could only be called superb.

A Fire Melting Symbol was a first grade divine runic symbol. Its use was to be fused into a spirit artifact and increase the spirit artifact’s fire-attribute strength. Normally, a low grade spirit artifact’s fire-attribute strength could increase by 50%, a medium grade spirit artifact’s could be increased by 20%, and a high grade spirit artifact’s wouldn’t have any change at all.

Now, according to Lin Ming’s estimate, the Fire Melting Symbol that Qin Yi drew up was slightly stronger than average. It should be able to increase a low grade spirit artifact’s fire-attribute strength by 60% and a medium grade spirit artifact’s by 25%. This was extremely rare, because it was already amazing for an ordinary divine runic master to create a Fire Melting Symbol that was on a standard level. To surpass that standard level was as difficult as ascending to heaven.

“Qin Yi, you have passed the first grade divine runic master examination! At the same time you’ve also earned the right to enter the second grade divine runic master examination. You can choose to enter the second grade divine runic master examination after this is over. Do you have any plans to do so?”

“Of course I will try. My original goal is not to be a mere first grade divine runic master.”

Qin Yi confidently replied. The white-robed Elder chuckled, “Good, you have daring. Then, 12 hours from now, we shall start the examination for a second grade divine runic master!”

A divine runic master examination lasted for 10 hours and there was a two hour break before the second grade divine runic master examination began. If one’s foundation was sloppy and they took until the 10th hour of an examination to finish, then they would have used up all their soul force and would find it impossible to continue onwards to the second grade divine runic master examination.


Qin Yi faintly responded. Then, he walked over to the resting area. Several deacons nodded towards him, feeling a bit strange in their hearts. They suspected that before long, Qin Yi would overtake them in attainments in the divine runic arts, making it seem as if all the effort of their lives had been wasted. Really, comparing oneself to others could truly anger one to death.

After Qin Yi, without any accident, Dreampearl and Clearshadow also completed their divine runic symbols.

The white-robed Elder also inspected their two divine runic symbols. Their two divine runic symbols were in the upper echelons of difficulty for first grade divine runic symbols and there wasn’t much difference in their speed or quality. The two of them could be called evenly matched, but compared to Qin Yi, they were slightly inferior.

“Dreampearl, Clearshadow, would you like to join the second grade divine runic master examination?” The white-robed Elder asked as before.

“Of course!”

“You don’t even need to ask!”

Dreampearl and Clearshadow responded, a fighting spirit thick in their voices. The two young women had originally come here to take the test for a second grade divine runic master; the first grade examination had only been a short prelude.

After Dreampearl and Clearshadow, the next one to complete their divine runic symbol was Lin Ming!

The moment that Lin Ming completed his divine runic symbol, Old Su and Old Xue looked at each other, disbelief thick in their eyes. In truth, even in the last quarter hour of time, Lin Ming’s movements were as steady as they were at the start, without any chaos in his aura. At this time, the two of them had already guessed that Lin Ming would succeed. However, they still felt it a bit unbelievable that Lin Ming really obtained the qualifications to become a first grade divine runic master.

“Perhaps I really made a mistake… he should have studied the divine runic arts for more than a year, but… from what I can see his skeletal age isn’t too old and his cultivation is so high, yet he also minors in the divine runic arts. At the same time, he is even a human… I have no idea just how he practiced…”

Old Xue mumbled to himself. Then, he glanced over at his subordinate and said, “Go to the city gates and look up the skeletal age records for Lin Ming when he entered.”

Divine Rune City only accepted the most outstanding of elites. If one was able to enter Divine Rune City, they had to be divine runic masters, alchemists, refining masters, old masters, or young elites.

If Lin Ming were to enter with a status as a young elite then he would have had to have his skeletal age verified. And indeed, at the time Lin Ming truly had been tested.

“Young man, do you wish to continue onto the second grade divine runic master examination?” The white-robed Elder asked again.

Lin Ming nodded, “Yes.”

The first grade divine runic master examination wasn’t difficult to Lin Ming at all. He had inherited the memories of two sixth grade divine runic masters and a peak fifth grade divine runic master. If he had difficulties becoming a first grade divine runic master then that would have been too unreasonable!

Hearing Lin Ming reply that he was going to join, Dreampearl and Clearshadow both glanced at him with surprise. They had already noticed Lin Ming by now. Amongst everyone here, Lin Ming seemed very common and ordinary, and they had both considered him to be a background character. But, this person was actually going to join them in the second grade divine runic master examination?

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