MW Chapter 1564

Chapter 1564 – Divine Runic Master Qualifications

The examination had already been underway for several dozen breaths of time and Lin Ming had drawn up 10 tiny rune structures. Although his speed was very slow, his strokes were steady and it was impossible for anyone to find a flaw in them.

However, besides this sort of proper and orderly method astonishing Old Man Xue, who knew of Lin Ming’s background, there was no one else that noticed him.

The attention of the people present was mostly concentrated on the two beautiful girls, Dreampearl and Clearshadow.

Their drawing of the divine runic symbol could be called as beautiful as flying dragons and dancing phoenixes, wonderful to the senses. Their ten slender fingers waved like lush plants in the wind, and when joined together with the divine runic pen that had absorbed the juices of all sorts of materials, the beautiful rainbows of lights they painted in the skies were as illusive and wonderful as a dream.

This exquisite and smooth technique left many people who had come to watch the examination, including some deacons, crying out in praise.

To watch these two young girls draw up divine runic symbols could be called a type of enjoyment.


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