MW Chapter 1562

Chapter 1562 – Soul Emperor Divine Void

The spiritas youth was tall. His eyes were cold and bright, like a warm spring at the summit of a 100,000 foot snowy mountain. His hair was quite special; it was long and wrapped around his waist, supple enough to attract the envy of any woman. It flowed with a silver light, as if it were liquid mercury.

This sort of man had a noble and untouchable charismatic atmosphere, as if he were born to be an emperor.

His sudden appearance immediately attracted the attention of everyone present. Even Lin Ming was surprised; this youth was just far too unusual.

The youth chose a divine runic table to stand at. He watched without touching the ground, only stepping on the air instead. This was because he had released his soul force, turning it into tangible essence that floated beneath his feet. Thus, he simply didn’t need to touch the ground.

This was a method of cultivating soul force. By using this method to remain floating all year round, one’s soul force would slowly be tempered.

As Old Man Xue and Old Man Su saw this youth, they glanced at each other. They saw a trace of fright appear in the other’s eyes.

From this youth’s body, they could feel an aura that was difficult to describe....

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