MW Chapter 1561

Chapter 1561 – The Divine Runic Master Examination

The Divine Runic Masters Guild held examinations for divine runic masters every year. In order to seek out talented individuals, the Divine Runic Masters Guild spared no effort.

For this examination there would always be a massive number of young martial artists that entered into Divine Rune City every year, hoping that they would be able to obtain the recognition of the Divine Runic Masters Guild and bring back the divine runic master badge that they could proudly display to the world.

These youths came not just from Divine Rune City but from many other places all over the Asura Road. For instance, Yue Qifeng and Yue Liuxing were such examples.

In the early morning of the examination, Lin Ming stood in front of the gates of the Divine Runic Masters Guild, looking up at the dignified and weighty plaque. He took a deep breath.

After he became a divine runic master registered with the Divine Runic Masters Guild then it would be much easier for him to come into contact with the Heaven’s Net assassin, Blood Moon. With his status as a divine runic master, wanting to exchange for the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace section of the Celestial Tyrant Manual shouldn’t be a...

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