MW Chapter 1560

Chapter 1560 – Leaving Seclusion

Compared to not having a transcendent divine might rank dual cultivation method, if Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian were to try dual cultivating themselves, the effects and speed would naturally be very different.

Heavenly Extreme Bliss focused on training and recuperation. There was absorbing yang to restore yin and absorbing yin to restore yang; both of these were greatly beneficial to both the man and woman. As for the third focus, that was the essence of Heavenly Extreme Bliss.

In short, the main role of Heavenly Extreme Bliss was to consolidate one’s foundation and stabilize one’s cultivation; the speed of training was terrifyingly fast, especially for geniuses like Xiao Moxian and Lin Ming.

But, if one looked at these and thought that Heavenly Extreme Bliss was not too...

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