MW Chapter 1559

Chapter 1559 – A Spring Rain

When Lin Ming was in the lower realms, he had been experienced with inscription technique for a long time; he had even dabbled in alchemy.

Now, attempting the divine runic arts wasn’t strange at all.

He took out a material called a blue tongue orchid and slowly brought it floating up using his soul force. Then, he proceeded to extract the juice from it.

Just this small step wasn’t easy at all. Because someone new to the divine runic arts would have difficulty controlling the release and pressure of their soul force, they would often have to try this step hundreds of times before having a single success.

And every failure was equal to throwing away a considerable amount of wealth.

When a martial artist first learned the divine runic arts, it was the same as burning away a ton of money. In the past, when Lin Ming was in the lower realms and studying inscription technique, in order to save money he hadn’t practiced using materials at the start, but had instead used his true essence to replace materials in drawing up the symbols. Of course, this sort of practice method was very limited in its speed.

Fortunately, Lin Ming was much richer now so he didn’t have to save in such a fashion.

Lin Ming focused his attention, directing a tiny bit of soul force into the blue tongue orchid to extract the juice from within it. At this time, a deep memory swelled forth from within him. This familiar feeling showed Lin Ming just how to use his soul force.

Of the three divine runic masters that Lin Ming had killed, no matter which one it was, they had completed this simple step millions of times already and were incomparably familiar with the process. Thus, even though their spirit mark had been erased, this familiar feeling had lingered on in their ownerless memories, allowing Lin Ming to understand how to control the potency of his soul force from the start. This sort of feeling seemed as if it came naturally to him.


The blue tongue orchid juice was dragged out by Lin Ming’s soul force, forming all sorts of shapes in the air. From just this refined controlling ability alone, if Old Man Xue had seen this he definitely wouldn’t believe that Lin Ming was a novice to the divine runic arts.

Lin Ming quickly picked up the divine runic pen and placed the pen tip into the drop of juice. As the pen tip filled with juice, Lin Ming moved his hands and rapidly drew a small rune in the air.

Although this rune was quickly drawn, if one didn’t pay careful attention they wouldn’t even have thought that Lin Ming had drawn it. The small rune trembled in the air before stabilizing.

This small rune was only the size of a grain of rice.

However, the moment that Lin Ming completed drawing up this rune he shook his head. The truth was that he had failed in the drawing process.

“I’ve used too much soul force; there are at least seven or eight flaws in this rune. Even though this was a tiny rune, wanting to draw it perfectly wasn’t easy at all.”

Under the guidance of the three divine runic masters’ memories, Lin Ming was well aware of just where he messed up and also how to fix his mistakes. The reason he had failed was because his soul force wasn’t able to completely align with his motions. As long as Lin Ming continued to endlessly practice and slowly gain more and more skill, his body would gradually remember this feeling.

Compared to Lin Ming, other divine runic master apprentices would not have such treatment. Many times, they would have no idea where they had gone wrong and they would have to constantly consult with their master. But, their master likely had their own work to do and it was impossible for them to guide their apprentices around all day, personally teaching them hands-on.

If they were consulted too much, anyone would become annoyed. At this time, the apprentice would have to look to his own perception. If their perception was good then they could slowly look through their past experiences and find out where their mistakes had been.

If their perception was poor, then that simply meant they weren’t fit to be a divine runic master.

Lin Ming tried again and again, always drawing up the same rune. If he could successfully draw up this rune then he would be far more proficient in drawing it up the second time; it wouldn’t be as difficult as when he first attempted it.

Moreover, in the structure of these tiny runes, because of the differences in the processing of energy, the power of one’s soul force, and whether one was skilled in harmonizing their movements, this would lead to differences of quality even in the same small rune. Between different divine runic masters there would be tremendous differences in the quality of the same rune. A grandmaster’s rune would have effects several times better than that of a divine runic apprentice.

But, a complete divine runic symbol was composed of tens of thousands of these small runes. If every small rune was several times better, then once these differences accumulated then the overall effects of the divine runic symbol would be the difference between night and day.

Even though it was the same divine runic symbol, the divine runic symbol produced by an apprentice could just barely be used. But, the divine runic symbol of a grandmaster would sell for a considerable price at an auction.

What Lin Ming needed to do now was strive for excellence and build a solid foundation, drawing up every rune as perfectly as he could.

Lin Ming wasn’t satisfied with becoming a normal divine runic master. He wanted to become a grandmaster. Only then would he be able to build the foundation for practicing the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace.

Even through repeated failures, Lin Ming kept his calm and patience. He tried again and again, using up a massive amount of materials, but even so, he didn’t care for this loss.

If an ordinary divine runic apprentice were to practice like Lin Ming then they would have already overdrawn their soul force. However, Lin Ming’s soul force was extremely formidable to begin with, and with him having cultivated the Divine Mist Heart Mantra, he far surpassed most spiritas. Even through these continuous defeats, Lin Ming could still trudge on.

Of course, such perseverance wasn’t without limits. After Lin Ming practiced for a full night and day, he felt as if his head would split apart. The divine runic symbols that he drew continued to have mistakes, and after every one, Lin Ming felt as if he wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

After finishing drawing up the last rune, Lin Ming felt a dizziness in his mind. He slumped over on a stone bed, his body worn out and aching.


With a light cracking sound, the group of divine runic symbols floating in front of Lin Ming exploded in midair, turning into brilliant fireworks before they vanished.

As Lin Ming overdrew the strength of his divine soul, these divine runic symbols were unable to maintain their form. They were naturally destroyed without Lin Ming’s support.

Lin Ming didn’t feel this was a loss at all. Although he had successfully drawn up these runes, they weren’t perfect.

“Lin Ming, are you alright?”

Xiao Moxian asked with concern as she saw Lin Ming’s pale face. After they entered this stone chamber, Lin Ming had fully invested himself in drawing up divine runic symbols. He hadn’t noticed what Xiao Moxian had been doing during this time.

“I’m fine. I’ll feel better once I rest a little.” Lin Ming rubbed his temples. Then, he discovered that Xiao Moxian was holding onto a pink jade slip. It was obvious that while Lin Ming had been practicing the divine runic arts, Xiao Moxian had been looking at this jade slip.

“That is… ‘Heavenly Extreme Bliss’?”

Lin Ming froze for a moment before coming to this conclusion. This Heavenly Extreme Bliss jade slip was the dual cultivation transcendent divine might that he had obtained from Torchriver.

“Yes, I’ve been looking over this in the last day.”

Xiao Moxian devilishly smiled. Although she wasn’t embarrassed, a faint sunny glow still filled her face, making her seem infinitely charming.

If one went into seclusion alone, that was truly a lonely and boring life. In particular, when martial artists closed up they would often do so for dozens of years. To stay in a stone chamber for dozens of years by oneself, a normal person would definitely fall into madness. Even if a martial artist had a firm mind and will, they would still feel exhausted and weary after dozens of years of loneliness.

But dual cultivating was different. Not only would one cultivate even faster, but the process was extremely enjoyable to begin with. Thus many martial artists happily practiced dual cultivation together, experiencing ultimate bliss even as they raised their cultivations and broke through boundaries.

However, although this method seemed wonderful, it was actually quite difficult. Wanting to find a dual cultivation transcendent divine might like Heavenly Extreme Bliss that was created by a husband and wife Empyrean couple was extremely problematic. And, even if one had a top dual cultivation method, finding a suitable partner wasn’t easy either.

In order to dual cultivate, one needed mutual feelings and also a spiritual harmony between the man and woman. Only like this would the body and soul fuse together during dual cultivation, joining together the life force fields. This sort of wonderful state could not be forced. Without an emotional foundation between two partners, the effects of dual cultivation would be extremely limited.

Not just that, but dual cultivation also had requirements in the bloodline, foundation, and talent of both partners. If one were to dual cultivate with a mortal woman or a female martial artist with a sloppy foundation, there would be little to no effect at all. The only result would be giving vent to one’s sexual feelings and wasting one’s essence energy.

Even for Torchriver, he gradually lost all value as he approached the end of his lifespan. One could even say that he was extremely poor in this aspect. When he chose a young girl, he only chose those with talent to brutalize in order to make up for his losses.

However, Torchriver was unable to force these women to feel anything for him, thus he could only use the most savage and least effective method of raping these women until he sucked up all of their primordial yin. To use this method with Heavenly Extreme Bliss, this was truly a waste of a treasure.

In comparison, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian could be called the best partners for each other. Not only did they have feelings for each other, but each of them had an extremely high level of talent, a solid foundation, and an extraordinary bloodline. Moreover, their two blood energies were in yin yang harmony, a dragon and phoenix rejoicing together. It was like they were a pair of lovers deliberately created by the heavens.

“What have you practiced from that Heavenly Extreme Bliss?” Lin Ming coughed, unable to help asking. Even so, a feeling of gradual anticipation crept over him. Between him and Xiao Moxian, their life forces attracted each other, and when they were together, it wasn’t just the physical sensation of their bodies together, but a spiritual melding. This was the so-called ‘spiritual bond’ that some people felt, and it was truly wonderful.

“I’ve only practiced to the threshold of the first level. Even so, I want to try it with you…”

 As Xiao Moxian spoke, she pushed Lin Ming down on the bed. Like this, the two made love to their heart’s content, the spring beauty endlessly glorious. In this process, Lin Ming could also feel the energy and bloodline within him communicating with Xiao Moxian in a very strange way, their yin yang energies harmonizing with each other and becoming increasingly powerful.

It was clear that this strange connection was the Laws of the Heavenly Extremely Bliss.

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