MW Chapter 1558

Chapter 1558 – A Long Lost Feeling




Lin Ming drily coughed, saying, “Junior is only trying, but as for whether or not my dreams will succeed, that will depend on whether or not I have talent in this aspect.”

“Haha, you’re quite optimistic. You seem to have just started learning the divine runic arts, or have you not even started yet?”

The spiritas old man smiled, stroking his beard.

“Mm…” Lin Ming gloomily nodded. This old spiritas geezer who had drowned himself in the divine runic arts for tens or even hundreds of thousands of years was able to approximate whether someone had just started learning the divine runic arts. This was a thought completely based on his intuition.

Moreover, when Lin Ming bought the broken jade he hadn’t even known about any of the materials that the old spiritas man was selling. If he said he was a divine runic apprentice or something like that, it would have been far too fake.

“Such perseverance! What wonderful perseverance!” The old spiritas man ‘praised’ yet again. Of course, this so-called praise was simply implying that Lin Ming was biting off more than he could chew, a daydreamer who fantasized too much.

However, with the old man’s smiling face that looked like a Buddha, an outsider simply wouldn’t be able to clearly tell what his meaning...

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