MW Chapter 1557

Chapter 1557 – Thorough Mastery

“Let me show you what true fire is.”

Xiao Moxian spread out her hands and ghostly black flames leapt between them, beating like a heart and peacefully burning. Although these flames didn’t seem too hot, the surrounding void began to distort because of these flames, showing just how hot they were.

Chifeng’s complexion changed as he saw this. “You’ve already approached the seventh level Concept, to bring Virtual Fire into reality!”

These flames contained virtual flames and true flames. Once these flames reached the limit in their fusion, the Concept of Fire would enter into the seventh level!

Currently, Xiao Moxian had yet to step into the true seventh level Concept, but even so, this was an extremely exaggerated accomplishment. There were many fire-attribute cultivation method World Kings that couldn’t compare with Xiao Moxian.


Chifeng’s icy armor was blown away by Xiao Moxian’s black flames, with half of his body being charred black in the process. However, he still struggled to the end. He reached out, wanting to pull another divine runic symbol from his spatial ring and bet his life, but at this time, the grandmist space came shrouding down over him, locking down his movements once more.

Meanwhile, Xiao Moxian’s whip...

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