MW Chapter 1556

Chapter 1556 – Eternal Glory Cult Leader

Over a million miles southeast of Divine Rune City, there was a grand and vibrant mountain range called the Dragon Union Mountain. And within Dragon Union Mountain was a sect that had been founded a mere 100,000 years ago, called the Eternal Glory Cult.

The Eternal Glory Cult had only had two leaders so far, both of them dragons amongst people. However, what was unfortunate was that the first leader had perished in a mystic realm, a story of a man who had died at the prime of his life.

At present, the second Eternal Glory Cult Leader had only commanded the Eternal Glory Cult for a mere thousand years. But in this thousand years of time, the Eternal Glory Cult had rapidly expanded. The new leader was young and filled with promise, with a halo of future wonders to him. Many influences from all over wanted to be on good terms with the Eternal Glory Cult.

Now the Eternal Glory Cult was a peak Holy Land. Within 10,000 years, they had hopes of growing into an ordinary World King Holy Land.

“Eternal glory shines supreme, existing as the heavens!”

In the great square that lay before the doors of the church of the Eternal Glory Cult, over 10,000 people were lying prostrate in worship. These were all disciples of the Eternal Glory Cult, and...

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