MW Chapter 1555

Chapter 1555 – Learning Skills

Xiao Moxian happily began to search through the contents within the jade slip, but after she saw what was inside she was left completely stunned. The descriptions of the cultivation method were extremely graphic and exceedingly pornographic.

This was actually a dual cultivation method.

Xiao Moxian blushed. She sputtered, saying, “Bleh, just what sort of Empyrean was this? I can’t believe that the summary of their lifetime’s studies is this sort of thing.”

Lin Ming awkwardly coughed. “This is a cultivation method formed by husband and wife Empyreans who took the sexual road… the two of them were peerless geniuses of their time and both became Empyreans together.

Lin Ming had scanned through Torchriver’s memories and knew what the origin of this cultivation method was.

For a husband and wife to cultivate to the Empyrean realm together was an extremely rare sight. Empyreans were already rare in the martial world; an Empyrean Holy Land might not even be able to train an Empyrean successor in tens of millions of years, and for a couple to reach the Empyrean boundary together was far rarer than that. For instance, Empyrean Demondawn and the Monster Emperor only had World Kings as wives.

“Cultivate into Empyreans together? Heh, Lin Ming, we must become...

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