MW Chapter 1554

Chapter 1554 – Heavenly Extreme Bliss

This day and night of pain was simply indescribable. Even Xiao Moxian who swore she would cut Torchriver to pieces still felt her heart skip a beat as she saw his fate. The echoes of pain that transmitted from Torchriver’s soul were far too brutal and agonizing. It was hard to imagine just what he had experienced in this day.

“Finished…” Lin Ming let out a long sigh of relief. He looked towards the complete ownerless memory fragment that floated within the Magic Cube and a happy expression crossed his lips. He had spent a great sum of money at Heaven’s Secret to purchase information and then had cut down Torchriver with all of his strength. Everything he did was for this ownerless and complete memory fragment, the memories of a divine runic master!

Of the three divine tools, the Divine Magic Cube, Grandmist Spirit Bead, and that secretive and mysterious Purple Card, each one was the highest level of treasures.

For the Purple Card, Lin Ming had no idea what its function was.

But as for the Magic Cube and Grandmist Spirit Bead, he had more or less dug out their secrets.

Of the Grandmist Spirit Bead and the Magic Cube, one was focused on the body and the other on the soul!

The Grandmist Spirit Bead could forcefully wrest away and swallow the blood vitality of all life. Moreover, it possessed the ability to condense all of this blood...

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