MW Chapter 1554

Chapter 1554 – Heavenly Extreme Bliss

This day and night of pain was simply indescribable. Even Xiao Moxian who swore she would cut Torchriver to pieces still felt her heart skip a beat as she saw his fate. The echoes of pain that transmitted from Torchriver’s soul were far too brutal and agonizing. It was hard to imagine just what he had experienced in this day.

“Finished…” Lin Ming let out a long sigh of relief. He looked towards the complete ownerless memory fragment that floated within the Magic Cube and a happy expression crossed his lips. He had spent a great sum of money at Heaven’s Secret to purchase information and then had cut down Torchriver with all of his strength. Everything he did was for this ownerless and complete memory fragment, the memories of a divine runic master!

Of the three divine tools, the Divine Magic Cube, Grandmist Spirit Bead, and that secretive and mysterious Purple Card, each one was the highest level of treasures.

For the Purple Card, Lin Ming had no idea what its function was.

But as for the Magic Cube and Grandmist Spirit Bead, he had more or less dug out their secrets.

Of the Grandmist Spirit Bead and the Magic Cube, one was focused on the body and the other on the soul!

The Grandmist Spirit Bead could forcefully wrest away and swallow the blood vitality of all life. Moreover, it possessed the ability to condense all of this blood vitality into Grandmist Spirit Bead essence. The effects of the Grandmist Spirit Bead essence even surpassed a transcendent divine pill that was refined by an Empyrean!

When Lin Ming broke through the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, if he didn’t have the help of the Grandmist Spirit Bead essence, then even if he had the strength from the Essence Spirit Embryo stone and Xiao Moxian’s primordial yin blood, it still wouldn’t have been enough for him to achieve his breakthrough!

The reason that the Good Fortune Saint Son had the strength to suppress an ordinary World King with his peak Divine Lord realm cultivation was all because of the heaven-defying support of the Grandmist Spirit Bead!

In a sense, the Grandmist Spirit Bead suited the saint race far more than any other race.

If a human were to obtain the Grandmist Spirit Bead then the use of it would be extremely minor for them. This was because the road of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace had been blocked!

In the past when Empyrean Primordius obtained the Grandmist Spirit Bead, his essence gathering system cultivation had already reached the World King boundary. But, he hadn’t started body transformation yet at all; he had started everything from zero.

Not only was this road of martial arts one that defied the heavens, but Empyrean Primordius had also missed the best opportunity for him to cultivate body transformation. The difficulty of the road he took afterwards could be imagined.

Even so, Empyrean Primordius had finally relied on the heaven-defying effects of the Grandmist Spirit Bead and his own prodigious talent to break into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. But, Empyrean Primordius hadn’t opened too many Dao Palaces. At that time, his essence gathering system cultivation was the extreme Empyrean realm, but his Nine Stars of the Dao Palace had only opened four or five palaces. His body transformation cultivation was far inferior to his essence gathering cultivation and his body transformation technique only had a limited ability to enhance his combat strength.

In comparison, Lin Ming had a Divine Lord realm cultivation and had opened a single star of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. Currently, his body transformation cultivation was higher than his essence gathering system cultivation. It was similar to giving a child a well-crafted and accurate crossbow, making that child’s lethal killing ability to rise to an all new level. Even a strong and robust man could still be severely wounded or shot dead by an accurate arrow.

Therefore, Lin Ming was able to cross two large boundaries in the essence gathering system and contend with an ordinary World King!

As for the Magic Cube, its abilities seemed to surpass even those of the Grandmist Spirit Bead. It was able to ignore the protection of the flesh and directly exterminate an enemy’s soul.

But, the true strength of the Magic Cube wasn’t its ability to directly extinguish a person’s soul and increase Lin Ming’s combat strength. Rather, the true strength of the Magic Cube lay in its ability to cleanse a person’s soul of its spirit mark, turning it into pure memories that could be freely absorbed without needing to worry that one would fall into madness! This heaven-defying effect was perfectly suited for plundering the cultivation methods of others!

The cultivation methods of the martial world couldn’t be passed on orally but had to be passed on through cultivation method jade slips. This was because cultivation method jade slips were far too complex and couldn’t be fully explained in words alone.

However, with the Magic Cube, Lin Ming was able to completely accept and inherit any martial artist’s cultivation methods. This even included their attainments and experiences in those cultivation methods!

Thus, Lin Ming could cultivate at an astronomical speed. When combined with his superior perception, the speed of his progress could only be described as rising 10,000 miles in a single day!

Besides cultivation methods, almost everything else was applicable. This included divine runic arts, alchemy, array formations, refining technique, any many other skills. Not only could he inherit all of their knowledge but he could inherit all of their experience!

And what Lin Ming needed to do was to constantly practice, thoroughly mastering this knowledge and reviewing these experiences, fusing those memories into his body until they became instinctual. This method of studying and speed of learning was simply mind-boggling, truly heaven-defying!

The divine runic arts that took others dozens of years to learn would only take Lin Ming several months of practice!

It could be said that when Lin Ming had reached the Divine Lord boundary and gained the ability to activate the Magic Cube, he had silently undergone a dreadful transformation, one that no one knew about!

As Lin Ming grew stronger he would be able to kill stronger masters and swallow their memories!

And the more memories Lin Ming swallowed, the faster his cultivation would rise and the stronger he would become!

As long as he had enough time, Lin Ming’s strength would grow like a snowball rolling down a snowy mountain, rapidly growing! He would eventually become a perfectly versatile genius, skilled in all aspects!

Thus, although the Grandmist Spirit Bead was also a priceless treasure to Lin Ming, during his youth, the use of the Grandmist Spirit Bead was far inferior to the help of the Magic Cube.

From what he knew, the Grandmist Spirit Bead focused on the mortal body and was able to produce endless medicines that surpassed the rank of transcendent divine pills. But, transcendent divine pills were still something that Lin Ming could find if he went searching for lucky chances, wandering through danger zones, or he might even be able to purchase them.

However, soul fragments from the Magic Cube were different. This would save a massive amount of cultivation time for Lin Ming, and what Lin Ming needed the most right now was time.

Lin Ming closed his eyes in meditation, restoring his divine soul to its peak state. Then, he began to swallow Torchriver’s ownerless soul.

These were the complete memories of an ordinary World King. The amount of information stored within it reached unimaginable levels!

When Lin Ming was in the lower realms, he had only absorbed small soul fragments. Moreover, the past masters of these soul fragments didn’t surpass Holy Lords before they had died. Even so, to the Lin Ming of that time, these soul fragments placed a tremendous burden on his divine soul.

Swallowing these ownerless memories was like cutting open his head and stuffing in a massive amount of information. Because there was too much information and it was far too complex and diverse, Lin Ming had felt as if his head would explode. This wasn’t something that the average person was able to withstand.

Fortunately, during Lin Ming’s nine years in Tragic Death Valley, he had cultivated the Divine Mist Heart Mantra and his soul force was no longer comparable to how it was in the past. Although abruptly absorbing the memories of an ordinary World King was extremely difficult, it wasn’t to the degree where it would instantly shatter his spiritual sea.

It had to be known that Torchriver had lived for nearly a million years. Moreover, a World King had an extremely sharp memory and they were able to memorize things very clearly and in much detail. As these memories accumulated over time, the total quantity of them was simply unimaginable!

When Lin Ming let open his spiritual sea, these memories rushed into him like endless waves from a dam that broke apart. Even though Lin Ming was already prepared, he was nearly washed away in this deluge of memories and his divine soul almost lost!

He hurriedly guarded his mind, summoning a battle spirit sword and sending it howling out!


Torchriver’s ownerless soul was chopped to pieces by Lin Ming’s battle spirit!

Lin Ming swept through these soul fragments at a frightening speed, immediately discarding large numbers of useless soul fragments.

These included Torchriver’s life experiences, his dealings with others, his friends, foes, and so forth.

There were also a great number of memories from when Torchriver lured, raped, and intimidated young girls. All of these were discarded by Lin Ming.

However, upon seeing these memories, Lin Ming thought more and more that this Torchriver died a deserving death. He had simply ruined far too many young girls. After being raped by him, many of these young girls had been savagely tortured to death. He had even gone into the world of mortals, disguising himself as a bandit rapist and violating young girls from all over. The youngest of these was even 12-13 years old.

For such a disgustingly immoral despoiler to reach this level, it was truly a rare sight.

Different people had different pursuits in life. What Lin Ming pursued was the peak of martial arts and to stand on par with the heavens and earth. But this Torchriver pursued immortality so that he could enjoy new young girls forever, tasting them all whether it was now, a thousand years from now, or a million years from now.

Torchriver’s ownerless memories were quickly chopped into hundreds upon hundreds of pieces. Like this, 99% of the memories were thrown away by Lin Ming.

The only remaining memories were those related to cultivation method inheritances, divine runic arts, and alchemy.

But upon reviewing Torchriver’s cultivation methods, Lin Ming was stunned. Torchriver had over 100 different cultivation methods and even a complete transcendent divine might.

With the status of an ordinary World King, it was very difficult to ever hope of learning a complete transcendent divine might. But, as a divine runic master, Torchriver was wealthier than some Great World Kings. By spending a massive amount of wealth he was able to obtain this transcendent divine might. And, what left Lin Ming speechless was that this transcendent divine might was called Heavenly Extreme Bliss; it was a dual cultivation method.

Out of Torchriver’s 100 some cultivation methods, over 70 of them were related to dual cultivation. He had really taken the road of obscenity to the limit.

Lin Ming threw away most of these cultivation methods. He simply couldn’t be bothered with looking at these low level ones. But, it was too wasteful if this complete transcendent divine might was lost like this.

Thinking about this, he kept the Heavenly Extreme Bliss.

At this time, Lin Ming seemed to realize something. He momentarily stopped absorbing Torchriver’s soul fragments.

Then, Lin Ming took the spatial ring from Torchriver and crushed it. A massive amount of bottles, jars, pill boxes, and all sorts of things came flying out.

Among the mess was a pink jade slip that Lin Ming grabbed. This pink jade slip was the complete cultivation method jade slip for Heavenly Extremely Bliss!

Torchriver had used several hundred thousands of years of time accumulate a massive amount of wealth through his career as a divine runic master. Then, in addition to a mind-boggling lucky chance that he obtained in a mystic realm, he had traded all of that for this complete transcendent divine might jade slip!

This caused Lin Ming to sigh. In terms of obscenity, Torchriver had done everything in his power to reach the peak!

“Mm? What is that?” Xiao Moxian watched as Lin Ming temporarily withdrew from absorbing memories and then specifically took out the jade slip. She could immediately feel that this jade slip wasn’t ordinary.

“Uh… this is… a complete transcendent divine might…”

Lin Ming dryly coughed and awkwardly gesticulated.

“A complete transcendent divine might jade slip?” Xiao Moxian was startled. “An ordinary World King had this sort of thing!? Not even Tian Mingzi had one!”

Tian Mingzi only had two incomplete transcendent divine mights. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have entered Demondawn Heavenly Palace to study the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art.

“That’s right. Divine runic masters are ridiculously rich. This jade slip was obtained by another World King in a mystic realm, but after that World King tried practicing this cultivation method to 60-70%, he realized that it didn’t fit him too well. The World King took it out to sell, and in order to obtain this jade slip, Torchriver paid a heart-bleeding price, trading half of his lifetime savings for it.”

“I see… can I see what sort of jade slip that is?” Xiao Moxian laughed and took the jade slip from Lin Ming’s hands.

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