MW Chapter 1553

Chapter 1553 – Refine the Soul

These girls that had been tortured by Torchriver over so many years had already anticipated that they would die here. They had lost themselves to despair long ago and there was nothing left that could stir anything in their hearts.

But at this moment, they saw that cruel and god-like Torchriver fall onto the floor in a completely inhuman mess, on the verge of death. Then, a faint spark of hope ignited in their stunned eyes.

After being beneath the agonizing abuse of Torchriver for so many years, even if they saw him about to die, they still couldn’t believe it. They were afraid that this was all a dream.

At this time, Lin Ming floated down with his long spear in hand. Seeing Lin Ming descend like a god from heaven, the young girls were left in a daze.

“You’re free…”

Lin Ming flicked his fingers and several true essence arrows shot forth, cutting the chains that shackled these young girls. Even the energy seals within their bodies were lifted.

The moment that their shackles were cut, because many of the girls were weak and their muscles had atrophied, they fell onto the floor. The pain from this fall finally made them believe that this scene in front of them was real...

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