MW Chapter 1548

Chapter 1548 – Broken Jade

After entering the Divine Runic Masters Guild, the medicinal fragrance was much richer. If an ordinary pill were placed in the Divine Runic Masters Guild for a long time, then it would soak in the medicinal fragrance and become a medicinal pill. If a mortal were to breathe in this fragrance then their mind would become sharper and they would become the number one scholar of their country. If a martial artist lived here year round it would also be beneficial to their cultivation.

The grounds of the Divine Runic Masters Guild, their walls, their stone tables and stone benches, and even their eating utensils were engraved with runes. These runes not only served decorative purposes but they were themselves array formations that could do various things such as gathering origin energy or strengthening the use of tools.

“Miss Yue, I saw some people lining up outside the Divine Runic Masters Guild waiting for some test, just what are they testing?” Lin Ming asked as he followed behind Yue Liuxing.

“It seems that the Divine Runic Masters Guild is looking to recruit guards. Those people have all come to apply.” Yue Liuxing casually said. Lin Ming was dumbfounded upon hearing this. Just for recruiting guards, so many people had come, and...

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