MW Chapter 1547

Chapter 1547 – Divine Runic Masters Guild

Rather than asking others, it was better to ask himself. If Lin Ming wanted to walk down the path of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, his dependence on pills was far too great. And, in order to make pills for the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, each material needed was rarer than the last. Moreover, to refine them was extremely difficult, something that would be nearly impossible for anyone that wasn’t a grandmaster alchemist.

But, asking a grandmaster alchemist for help wasn’t easy to begin with. In addition to that, the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace often used ancient pill recipes, the kind that alchemists almost never refined. Even if they did, they would need to spend some time familiarizing themselves with the process. This only added another level of difficulty and a grandmaster alchemist might not be willing to waste so much time. Thus, there was no choice that would be as convenient as Lin Ming’s own alchemy ability.

“Divine runic master… alchemist… perhaps I really need to consider learning them…”

Lin Ming thought to himself. Then, at this time, a flame lit up in front of him. It was a sound transmitting talisman sending a message from Yue Liuxing.

The general gist of it was that she had completed the divine runic arts assessment with her little brother.

Yue Liuxing...

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