Chapter 1545 – Information About the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace

Chapter 1545 – Information About the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace

For the surrounding ten miles around Divine Rune Pagoda, there wasn’t a single building. The entire area was a massive square, and on this square were all sorts of martial arts vendors who were selling various goods. Some sold pills, some sold weapons, but of course, most of them sold inscriptions and divine runic inscriptions.

All of the stalls were well-organized.

Lin Ming cast out his sense and was able to approximately feel that in this 10 mile square trading market, there were around several tens of thousands of people.

These several tens of thousands of people were all outstanding individuals. Whether it was sellers or buyers, none of them were poor. In such a giant trading market, the daily volume of transactions was mind-boggling.

“This Divine Rune City is quite lively.” Lin Ming sighed.

“Yes, Divine Rune City is the most famous trading hub in the inner Asura Road because there are a massive number of pills, divine runic inscriptions, weapons, and all sorts of other things that are sold here. Many people prefer coming here to buy and sell their goods because of the required qualifications to enter the city. Because of their strict standards, everything sold in Divine Rune City is only the highest quality of goods! In Divine Rune City, there are ten large trading companies and the largest of them belongs to...

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