Chapter 1544 – Lin Ming’s Goal

Chapter 1544 – Lin Ming’s Goal

“Do we have the qualifications to enter the city?”

“Yes, of course you do!” The city guard respectfully handed over the city tokens. In the 33 Heavens, because humanity had devolved in the past, their status wasn’t too high in the Asura Road. If they went to some places it was likely they would be looked down upon and excluded by others. But in the Asura Road, strength stood above all. If one’s talent reached a certain boundary then regardless of whether they were human or some other race they would be respected all the same.

The city guard suspected that Lin Ming was the successor of some great influence; he naturally couldn’t offend such a person.

When Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian obtained the qualifications to enter the city, Yue Liuxing looked at them curiously. She had seen the amazed expressions of the city guard from the side of her eyes. Without a doubt, Lin Ming’s strength and talent were far more terrifying than she had originally anticipated.

“We will be going to the Divine Runic Master Guild for the examination now, would you like to come and have a look?”

Originally, after entering...

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