Chapter 1543 – The Qualifications to Enter the City

Chapter 1543 – The Qualifications to Enter the City

“The wild mountain range is in front of us!”

After the group traveled for around half a day, Yue Liuxing suddenly pointed towards a dark mountain that appeared before them.

“This is the most dangerous part of the road. We must join together and fight as one. There are many different types of vicious beasts, but I understand their weaknesses and the ways to fight the most vicious types. Listen to my directions in battle.”

As Yue Liuxing reached the base of the mountain range she pulled out a jade slip. Recorded within this jade slip was the terrain of the mountain range as well as the distribution degree of dangerous vicious beasts scattered throughout it.

This surprised Lin Ming. According to most reasoning, the inner and outer Asura Road were nearly completely isolated from each other. He never imagined that these two siblings would have information on the inner Asura Road and in such an exhaustive manner that they even possessed a map of this mountain range detailing the distribution of vicious beasts.

“Our cultivation isn’t high so we can only avoid as many danger zones as we can. However, there are some places we won’t be able to avoid. For instance, this...

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