Chapter 1541 – Heading Deeper Into the Asura Road

Chapter 1541 – Heading Deeper Into the Asura Road

In the depths of the Great Desolate there was a virgin forest that was untainted by human hands. These trees had been here for hundreds of thousands of years, and because these trees originated from ancient breeds they grew much larger. So large that dozens of people together couldn’t wrap their hands around them. Their crowns pierced thousands of feet high, straight into the skies, and their large and vibrant leaves were like clouds that blocked out the sun.

In this wild forest, there was a keening wolf howl that impacted into the heavens. All of the birds and beasts in the woods were startled by this howl and fled in droves.


With an explosion of energy a shockwave rose up. A great black wolf as large as an elephant tumbled through the air...

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