Chapter 1540 – The Dust Settles

Chapter 1540 – The Dust Settles

Seeing Tian Mingzi’s head roll to the ground, Xiao Moxian still felt that all of this was unreal. She recalled the last 10 years she had spent with Lin Ming, experiencing all sorts of drastic changes and upheavals, ups and downs that they crossed through with repeated life or death dangers. Finally, their strength rose by a large degree and they slowly killed those that had hunted them down. All of this was like an eternal dream.

Xiao Moxian even felt that these last 10 years were far more rich and passionate than all her life experiences before that. All of those dangers and hopes had become unforgettable memories etched into her bones.

And throughout all of these dangers, Xiao Moxian had only played a supporting role. But even so, she had obtained a massive harvest. It wasn’t just her cultivation and strength that had risen, but her mentality and will had evolved.

Looking at Lin Ming once more, he was the one who had helped lead her through all of this. In terms of how his mentality and strength had been a steady constant...

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