Chapter 154 - Qin Ziya

Chapter 154 Qin Ziya.


Chapter 154 – Qin Ziya

The ‘Divine Acacia Power’ was ultimately a deviant and perverse cultivation method. After one cultivated the ‘Divine Acacia Power’, their aura would be filled with a twisted and immoral momentum. If a martial artist was enveloped in this, their minds would be unable to cope with the endlessly aberrant illusions, and they would expose the ugliness of their hearts.

But Lin Ming’s heart of martial arts was especially pure and true. Not only that, but Lin Ming cultivated the extreme Yang ‘Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians’, so his true essence was incomparably thick. His martial arts aura was like an unyielding bridge, motionless like a mountain. Because of this, these endless illusory phantoms were simply a joke to Lin Ming.

Ouyang Dihua’s cultivation was only at the Pulse Condensation Period; even if he was at the Houtian realm, Lin Ming would still be able to resist his aura!

That’s why the current scene was like such. Despite how Ouyang Dihua exerted his aura, Lin Ming remained unimpressed and unmoved. This caused Ouyang Dihua to look like nothing more than a stage clown!

As everyone present saw this scene, they were shocked silly. While facing Ouyang Dihua’s oppressive aura, Lin Ming did not appear to be the least bit affected by it!

This was just too ridiculous!...

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