Chapter 1539 – Young Demon God

Chapter 1539 – Young Demon God

Of the three wondrous divine tools of the universe, Xiao Moxian only knew the legends of the Grandmist Spirit Bead. This was because the Good Fortune Saint Son had deliberately displayed it to the world. As for the Magic Cube and Purple Card, Xiao Moxian didn’t know about them at all. There was no consensus on their names either. Throughout the different epochs and different universes, they had taken different names.

Even though Lin Ming and Tian Mingzi had repeatedly used the term Magic Cube, Xiao Moxian had no idea what they were referring to.

“Heart demon cage, shatter!”

Lin Ming shouted out loud. The Magic Cube raised a vortex of energy that spun around like a saw. The great heart demon web formed by the demon slave was torn apart by the Magic Cube!


The moment the demon slave completely died, it sent out a lung-retching scream. However, it could not change its fate of being swallowed up by the Magic Cube. It turned into a gray flow of energy that was gathered into...

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