Chapter 1537 – Fighting Tian Mingzi

Chapter 1537 – Fighting Tian Mingzi

Tian Mingzi’s complexion changed as he saw that Lin Ming’s strength had greatly increased. Although he had overdrawn his blood vitality and his boundary had dropped, a skinny camel was still larger than a horse. This sword strike of his was able to instantly kill a peak Holy Lord, but Lin Ming with his early Divine Lord realm cultivation had been able to easily block it!

Although Tian Mingzi had only used 30% of his strength there, didn’t Lin Ming also not use his complete strength?

“You…” Tian Mingzi’s lips shook as he spoke. An inconceivable possibility appeared in his mind, but only this possibility could reasonably explain what just happened!

“You… you broke through the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace!?”

As Tian Mingzi looked at Lin Ming now, his eyes were filled with fear and dread!

Lin Ming was far too fearful, fearful to the point that it suffocated him!

Originally, Tian Mingzi with his Great World King cultivation had joined forces with an ordinary World King, two half-step World Kings, some guides and underlings, and later even a half-step Empyrean. This amazingly mighty lineup of martial artists had been used to hunt down a late Divine Transformation realm martial artist through the God Burying...

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