Chapter 1534 – Opening the Dao Palace

Chapter 1534 – Opening the Dao Palace

Xiao Moxian floated high in the air, lofty and proud. Her delicate newborn body was fair and enchanting, as flawless as jade. At this time, her long hair danced about her and her entire body was bathed in sparkling starlight, like an immortal goddess. If anyone were to see Xiao Moxian now, they would inevitably feel a sense of shame and inferiority in her presence.

“Lin Ming!”

Xiao Moxian brightly smiled as she looked down and saw Lin Ming. Then, she rushed downwards like a little bunny, her bare body flying into Lin Ming’s arms.

A jade warmth in his arms, the fragrance of a young woman, and also the residual aura of the flames of nirvana – all of this was like a dream, leaving one enchanted.

Xiao Moxian would never have imagined that this round of dual cultivation would have given her so many benefits. She had brought the yin yang energies within to harmony, not only allowing her to break past the Divine Lord bottleneck but also helping her complete her first nirvana.

The earlier a phoenix experienced nirvana, the better. However, even more so for a phoenix with a royal bloodline, it was still extremely rare that they would undergo nirvana at Xiao Moxian’s current boundary.

Xiao Moxian held onto Lin Ming. Without...

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