Chapter 1533 – Xiao Moxian’s Nirvana

Chapter 1533 – Xiao Moxian’s Nirvana

To undergo nirvana was the most important transformation of a phoenix’s life. After undergoing nirvana, the mortal body of a phoenix would be thoroughly incinerated to ashes and a new life reborn in that sea of flames. The mortal body of this new life would be far more powerful than before and also have a certain ability – that was, to burn their blood essence to an unlimited degree.

A phoenix was the only existence in the world that could recklessly burn their blood essence and yet never have their blood essence fade away. By virtue of this ability alone, a phoenix was destined to stand at the highest level of all God Beasts!

Different phoenixes would undergo different numbers of nirvanas in their lifetime. The more powerful a phoenix and the purer their bloodline, the more nirvanas they would undergo. In their life, this type of phoenix might undergo two or three nirvanas. After this phoenix grew up, although they wouldn’t be as strong as an Empyrean, their strength would still stand between a half-step Empyrean and an Empyrean.

However, in mythical tales, there were stories of phoenixes with royal bloodlines that would experience...

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