Chapter 1533 Xiao Moxian’s Nirvana

Chapter 1533 – Xiao Moxian’s Nirvana

To undergo nirvana was the most important transformation of a phoenix’s life. After undergoing nirvana, the mortal body of a phoenix would be thoroughly incinerated to ashes and a new life reborn in that sea of flames. The mortal body of this new life would be far more powerful than before and also have a certain ability – that was, to burn their blood essence to an unlimited degree.

A phoenix was the only existence in the world that could recklessly burn their blood essence and yet never have their blood essence fade away. By virtue of this ability alone, a phoenix was destined to stand at the highest level of all God Beasts!

Different phoenixes would undergo different numbers of nirvanas in their lifetime. The more powerful a phoenix and the purer their bloodline, the more nirvanas they would undergo. In their life, this type of phoenix might undergo two or three nirvanas. After this phoenix grew up, although they wouldn’t be as strong as an Empyrean, their strength would still stand between a half-step Empyrean and an Empyrean.

However, in mythical tales, there were stories of phoenixes with royal bloodlines that would experience nine nirvanas in their lifetime! After nine nirvanas, they would become as formidable as a True God!

Xiao Moxian’s entire body became increasingly hot, as if she were boiling. Her cheeks and her stomach all turned fiery red.

Lin Ming probed Xiao Moxian with his divine sense and discovered that her entire body and inner world was flooded with raging, overwhelming flames. These flames surged through her meridians and blood vessels, heating up her bones!

Lin Ming’s eyelids shot up as he noticed this. A phoenix nirvana was not easy or simple. The richer and purer one’s phoenix bloodline was, the more terrifyingly powerful their nirvana would be once it erupted from their body. Xiao Moxian was undoubtedly talented and her nirvana would be no worse than experiencing heavenly tribulation.

“Lin Ming… I am hot… so hot…”

Xiao Moxian’s consciousness dimmed, her eyes fluttering. She dazedly reached out a hand and grabbed onto Lin Ming, pulling herself into his embrace.

A burning heat filled Lin Ming’s embrace. Xiao Moxian dripped with sweat, and as her sweat evaporated it covered them both with a thin layer of mist. At this point her eyes were blurred and she recklessly stroked Lin Ming’s body as if she were under the effects of an aphrodisiac.

Her enchanting and upturning breasts were so flushed red they seemed as if they were ripe peaches, ready to drip juice. One couldn’t help but want to knead them.

Facing this Xiao Moxian that was wildly rubbing and inflaming him, even though Lin Ming had just undergone a round of lovemaking he still felt fires burn in his loins. Yet, he didn’t dare to needlessly move Xiao Moxian. He wasn’t sure what Xiao Moxian’s nirvana would be like and he feared that the slightest mistake would affect her crossing this tribulation.

In that moment, all sounds in the world seemed to fade away. As Lin Ming held onto Xiao Moxian while she dripped fragrant sweat all over him, he sat in meditation, his mind as still as water.

And at this time, outside Primordius Heavenly Palace, Tian Mingzi’s barrage of attacks had slowed down.

Tian Mingzi’s body was bathed in blood and his complexion was pale. He had clearly reached the point of exhaustion, a lamp without any oil remaining. As he looked at the dimmed down starlight that sprinkled from the nine stars above, his lips curved up in a fiendish smile.

If those nine stars dimmed down, it clearly meant that Lin Ming’s breakthrough into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace was verging on failure.

“Lin Ming, you will soon fail your breakthrough to the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. I want to see just how you’ll continue to fight with me! Hahaha! I have waited for this day for far too long!”

Tian Mingzi’s hair was disheveled and he staggered as he stood. In a severely wounded state he had used the Heart Demon Art as well as simultaneously attacking Primordius Heavenly Palace and blocking the light of the nine stars; he had long since become unstable.

He supported himself up with his black sword. “Strange, if Lin Ming failed in attacking the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace then that starlight should have completely vanished. Why is it still there in a dimmed down state?”

Tian Mingzi looked at those nine stars that seemed as if they would disappear at any moment and yet stubbornly hung on. “Whatever, I have already won. After attacking the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace and failing, Lin Ming will surely encounter a backlash. The fate of those that recklessly try to resist heavenly tribulation must be miserable indeed, hahaha! Right now he must be bloodied and suffocating to death. Good, then let me fan the fires once more!”

As Tian Mingzi thought like this, he swallowed down a medicinal pill. His face immediately flushed red with blood. This medicinal pill clearly stirred up his  blood vitality. This was not an ordinary pill. Normally speaking, taking such a pill would have tremendous side effects and one would never use them unless it was a critical moment.

After swallowing this pill, Tian Mingzi’s eyes flashed with a dark and evil light. He formed more and more seals with his hands, the bright red seals he produced slamming into Primordius Heavenly Palace!


The power of these blood seals sunk into Primordius Heavenly Palace and headed towards Xiao Moxian.

“Tian Mingzi!”

A glimmer of hatred shined in Lin Ming’s eyes. He punched out his fists and struck those bright red blood seals. In that moment, all the strength in his body fused together as one, and with a loud explosive sound, the blood seals shattered. Lin Ming’s body merely shook in response, the blood within him moving restlessly.

This strike filled Lin Ming with joy. He could feel that his own strength had increased by a large margin. Even if he hadn’t made a true breakthrough into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, his body transformation and essence gathering systems had experienced rapid growth.

And when Lin Ming punched through these blood seals, he could feel something soft fall deeper into his embrace and two delicate arms wrap around his neck. Those heated soft breasts drew close to his own, their softness and touch beyond description. Lin Ming looked at Xiao Moxian a bit dazedly, his mouth parched.

“You’re about to undergo nirvana soon… what… do you want?” Lin Ming gulped, not sure where to place his hands.

Xiao Moxian licked her lips, slowly saying, “I want to dual cultivate with you.”

Her eyes were still blurred but she had sobered up a great deal. “That feeling just now felt far better than I thought it would, I want to try it again…”

“Uh…” Lin Ming wanted to say that this was her nirvana and randomly doing something might not be the wisest idea. But before he could say anything, he could feel Xiao Moxian push him down and straddle his waist, riding him from above.

Xiao Moxian, who had just been introduced to the affairs between men and women, not only did she not have the shyness of a virgin anymore, but she instead had a wild taste to her. Her luxurious black hair fell down in waves, dancing in the air. At that moment, Lin Ming felt his body burning all over!

The fires of nirvana within her passed through the contact of their bodies. These flames broke into his inner world and fused with the Heretical God Tree!

This fusion startled Lin Ming. It felt as if it wasn’t Xiao Moxian experiencing nirvana alone, but it was as if he was experiencing it together with her.

Suddenly, energy surged through Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian. Inexplicably, some dual cultivation methods flashed through Lin Ming’s mind. Although he had never studied these methods before, with his perception and foundation, he had more than enough time to use them. Soon after, he displayed this technique with Xiao Moxian. Although this dual cultivation technique wasn’t too profound, their bloodlines meshed together far too well, and even if they didn’t use a dual cultivation method they still would have been able to reach a fusion of their essence, energy, and soul.

As their ecstasy reached the peak, Xiao Moxian’s body suddenly melted.This was true disintegration. Her body shined with a brilliant light and blazing flames shone forth from her inner world, splendidly burning all around her.

These flames were not the shape of ordinary flames. Rather, they formed blossoming dark red lotuses in the void, as if they were truly material objects!

As these flames transformed into lotus flowers, their degree of heat was unimaginable!

The flames of a phoenix’s nirvana were some of the most terrifying flames in the endless world. Even though Lin Ming’s Fire Laws had touched upon the seventh level Concept, he still couldn’t withstand this heat.

But strangely, as Lin Ming was scorched by these flames, he felt euphoria beyond compare, as if the hotter his body became, the more pleasurable it was.

He held onto Xiao Moxian who nearly disappeared into flames, withstanding this heat. It was like they were both being melded together into a single flame, truly combining.

Divine light pierced through the void. Countless beautiful red lotuses opened all around Lin Ming and Xian Moxian, their temperatures having reached inconceivable degrees. Even Lin Ming’s body began to melt away.

Lin Ming also had phoenix blood within him. Although the quality was relatively low, after receiving Xiao Moxian’s primordial yin, his phoenix blood could be said to have undergone a qualitative leap. It could be said that within the entire Ancient Phoenix Clan, there wasn’t a single person who could compare with even 1% of his current bloodline.

Now, after being galvanized by Xiao Moxian’s nirvanic flames, Lin Ming’s own phoenix blood began to brilliantly burn, causing a nirvana fire tribulation within his inner world!

A phoenix’s nirvana was not a light matter. The more powerful a phoenix, the truer this was. In most cases, although nirvana wouldn’t fail, it would still consume a massive amount of origin energy; this was an inevitable truth.

However, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian’s nirvana was different. Seemingly because of their yin yang harmony or perhaps because of dragon and phoenix dual cultivation, the process of their nirvana was extremely smooth. Their mortal bodies melted away, becoming forms of energy. Their life forces and souls seemed to fuse together in this brilliant blaze of energy.

With a resonant phoenix cry, a black phoenix shot up into the skies, a phoenix flying to the highest heavens!

This phoenix was no phantom – it was Xiao Moxian’s true body!

In that moment, Xiao Moxian had turned into a true phoenix, no longer that of a half-phoenix!

In the process of her nirvana, Xiao Moxian’s essence, energy, and divine had been baptized and revitalized, growing at a horrifyingly ridiculous pace!

Originally, she had just broken into the Divine Lord realm, but now she had reached the peak of the early Divine Lord realm. She was just a single step away from entering the middle Divine Lord realm!

The terrifying speed at which her cultivation base rose completely shocked Lin Ming. This was the heaven-defying feature of one with a phoenix body. This was the monstrous talent of the royal phoenix bloodline!

Lin Ming also found it hard to estimate how strong Xiao Moxian currently was. He had only followed Xiao Moxian’s nirvana and had obtained a massive advantage, but the advantage she had gained was at least 10 times greater than his!

In the endless starry skies, Xiao  Moxian emitted a heart-warming keen. Her body began to condense within the blaze of flames. A brilliant red lotus opened up, revealing a proud womanly figure. At this point, every aspect of her could be called perfect, dazzling and blinding to the degree that it was nearly impossible to look at her straight on!

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