Chapter 1532 – Union of Phoenix and Dragon

Chapter 1532 – Union of Phoenix and Dragon

Lin Ming stiffened. Xiao Moxian’s words echoed in his heart and stirred an inexplicable pain. He felt that this love was too heavy, something he could not afford to bear.

“I… am not deserving enough for you to do this. If Senior Demondawn were to find out about all this then how would you continue to hold your head up high in the monster race and demon race?”

If the demon and monster races really did sign a pact with the saints then Xiao Moxian might be married off to the Good Fortune Saint Son. If so, then Xiao Moxian deciding by herself to make love to Lin Ming today would be a great crime of betraying her own people. Not only would Empyrean Demondawn lose all face with his race, but so would Xiao Moxian!

“It’s enough as long as I think you are deserving!” Xiao Moxian sobbed, her voice cracking as she vented her grievances. She grasped Lin Ming, saying to him, “Why do you have to bring up these matters, why do you have to bring up my grandfather? Today is only today. Can’t you stop lying to me and make me happy? I won’t think about what the future brings nor do I want to.”

Xiao Moxian began to strip off her clothes as she spoke. Her fingers trembled as she...

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