Chapter 1531 – Crimson Space

Chapter 1531 – Crimson Space

Lin Ming’s breakthrough was originally defying the heavens’ will to forcefully change one’s life. To break through the chains of the Heavenly Dao was indescribably difficult. Even though Lin Ming’s mortal bodily foundation had reached this degree of tempering, he still only had a 10% chance of succeeding. Finally, he still had to rely on absorbing Xiao Moxian’s phoenix blood essence in order to have some hopes of succeeding.

In this sort of situation, Lin Ming simply wasn’t able to tolerate any interference.

And Tian Mingzi was doing things to the extreme; he didn’t want to give Lin Ming even the smallest chance of rising back up. Even if he had to desperately damage his blood vitality and affect his future cultivation, he still wouldn’t hesitate!

“Lin Ming, your life is too resilient. You being my enemy is a challenge to my own destiny, the most dangerous risk! I will stop at nothing in order to kill you, today is the day you die!”

Ever since ancient times, those who dared to oppose extraordinary individuals with great destinies always had to face enormous risks. Not to mention the world of martial artists, even in the mortal world, those emperors...

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