Chapter 1530 - For Forever, My Blood Will Mark You

Chapter 1530 -  For Forever, My Blood Will Mark You

Hearing Xiao Moxian’s words, Lin Ming was dazed. He didn’t know just how to reply.

Xiao Moxian didn’t know why she would unexpectedly say such strange and dismal words that would not only make Lin Ming unhappy, but also herself. It seemed as if she wanted to vent all of the bitterness and resentment in her heart.

She apologetically smiled, saying, “Some matters are too troublesome. Carelessly speaking about them might affect your mood to break through.”

Lin Ming was silent for a moment. He could feel a peculiar pain in his heart, one that he found hard to face. He finally said, “I’m sorry, I know.”

“You don’t know.” Xiao Moxian shook her head, earnestly looking towards Lin Ming, her eyes seeming to flash with some strange crystalline light. “You don’t know… how scared I was when I entered Tragic Death Valley. My personality favors liveliness and fun, and what I cannot stand the most is unending loneliness and the infinite dark. When I entered Tragic Death Valley I really, really wanted to leave. I thought that if I had to stay there for hundreds of years then I would turn insane.

“But afterwards, something I never expected happened… those nine years of days and nights were not as fearful as I thought...

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