Chapter 153 - Oppressing Aura

Chapter 153 Oppressing Aura.


Chapter 153 – Oppressing Aura


Ouyang Dihua’s palm wind struck a stone column that was at the edge of the military field and instantly split it apart.

Meanwhile, Lin Ming had already flickered like a ray of light to Zhang Guanyu’s side. His palm struck down, and a merciless handprint appeared on Zhang Guanyu’s back.

‘Pulse Cutting Palm’!

Lin Ming’s true essence infiltrated into Zhang Guanyu’s body. At this time, Zhang Guanyu had already completely lost any means of resistance, so the true essence rapidly spread out, unobstructed, across all of Zhang Guanyu’s meridians. His meridians were smashed apart by the rushing true essence, including many key points, pores, and all else; everything was utterly ravaged!

Zhang Guanyu stiffly groaned, and fainted!

This sudden change in events caused everyone to gasp. Lin Ming had ignored Ouyang Dihua’s command, and moreover he had abruptly broken through Ouyang Dihua’s interference to strike a palm upon Zhang Guanyu.

Did this not mean that Lin Ming’s speed was quicker than Ouyang Dihua’s?

“Ouyang Dihua actually could not stop Lin Ming! Lin Ming is too terrifying!”

“Ouyang Dihua is the direct disciple of an elder, he’s definitely not some ordinary Pulse Condensation Period martial artist, and Lin Ming is only at the Altering Muscle stage…”

These people discussed in a low...

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