Chapter 1528 Dao Diagram of the Heavenly Dao

Chapter 1528 – Dao Diagram of the Heavenly Dao

To refine a star to enter his body was easier said than done. Lin Ming constantly swallowed starlight, gathering his strength. His mortal body continued to grow stronger and stronger. Although he didn’t break through to the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, his mortal bodily strength rose up from a billion jins, rapidly approaching 2 billion jins!

“My strength is still far too lacking!”

Lin Ming’s eyes were like bolts of lightning in the darkness. He formed more seals with his hands, drawing out another ancient python of blood vitality from the Grandmist Spirit Bead and having it rush into his body.

This python was another 20% of the Grandmist Spirit Bead essence. Lin Ming had now swallowed a full 40% of the Grandmist Spirit Bead essence in this attempt. When this was added onto the powerful blood vitality within the Nine Star Heaven Pill, Lin Ming’s mortal body rapidly inflated as if he would explode at any moment.

His veins bulged out like worms. Sweat dripped down from all over him. His body had reached the limit of strength that it could absorb and wanted to explode!

Lin Ming looked up, his brilliant eyes locking onto one of the nine stars floating in space. Then, he leapt upwards!

Nine stars. Of them, seven were incomparably bright and two were dim. The seven bright stars corresponded to the seven Bright Palaces within the human body, and the two dark stars corresponded to the two Hidden Palaces within the human body.

Now, the star that Lin Ming rushed towards was the closest bright star! This star’s name was Army Breaker!

The Army Breaker Star. The meaning of this was that it could freely wander the world, breaking through the lines of any army, unstoppable and irresistible!

Lin Ming’s bodily strength erupted to the limit. The Eight Inner Hidden Gates opened to the limit. He wanted to forcefully pluck this star down!

When martial arts were practiced to the highest level, one could pick down stars and shoot down moons. These were not empty fairytales, because Lin Ming was trying to do this right now!

In terms of foundation, if Lin Ming were compared to the body transformation martial artists from 3.6 billion years ago, he would be ten times or even a hundred times better! In the past, if Lin Ming wanted to break through the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace with his strength, it would have been as easy as eating a meal. But now, he had to break past the Heavenly Dao rules!

The Heavenly Dao rules did not abide the existence of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace; this caused Lin Ming’s cultivation to be blocked. But looking at this from another viewpoint, this meant that the foundation of Lin Ming’s body transformation had been suppressed even as it accumulated to an unbelievable degree. Once it erupted then it would truly be like dragons and phoenixes soaring to the highest heavens, showing naught but disdain for the world!

The moment that Lin Ming rushed towards the Army Breaker Star, the void trembled around him. It was like all of the surrounding space-time was collapsing. A terrifying strength gathered, dreadful to the extreme!

Lin Ming maintained his vigilance. This dreadful power was truly fear-inspiring. It seemed as if it could tear apart everything and it was clearly aimed at him!

Opening the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace was something not allowed by the Heavenly Dao rules. Even if Lin Ming’s mortal body foundation had accumulated to an incredible degree, the moment that he tried to impact the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, he would inevitably be hindered by the Heavenly Dao!

In the empty void, lines of the Great Dao slowly appeared, weaving together into a dao diagram that locked down the nine stars in the sky.

“Are these the Heavenly Dao Laws that lock down the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace?”

Lin Ming looked towards the dao diagram in the sky. This dao diagram contained an incomparably horrifying strength. He didn’t doubt that as long as he rushed forwards, he would be ruthlessly and mercilessly suppressed by this dao diagram!

To transgress the Heavenly Dao was to withstand heavenly tribulation. Once heavenly tribulation came falling down, even extreme geniuses could perish in ashes, without even their bones remaining!

Lin Ming took a deep breath and decisively shot into the dao diagram. He had to gamble everything he had because there was no alternative for him!

Weng –

The lines of the Great Dao came pressing down upon Lin Ming, carrying with them a great aura that could not be defied, one that stood at the pinnacle of all existence.

Lin Ming roared out. He gathered all his strength and punched!

In the dark void, all strength besides that of the body transformation system was forbidden. Lin Ming could only revolve the strength within his mortal body, releasing his Eight Inner Hidden Gates to their limit as he smashed into the dao diagram!


With a thunderous peal, Lin Ming’s arm shook, the bones nearly cracking as his fists stained themselves red with blood.

As for the Great Dao lines in front of him, they only slightly trembled, without any hint that they would shatter.

The dao diagram slowly rotated, pressing Lin Ming in the center of countless dao patterns. These dao patterns were like a terrifying grinding pan, grinding down on Lin Ming’s bones and muscles!

The void was crushed to pieces. Under this horrifying pressure, even Lin Ming’s powerful mortal body seemed as if it would crack open. His blood vessels exploded and blood gushed out from him.

This was the strength of the Heavenly Dao, completely different from the nine by nine heavenly tribulation of metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, thunder, yin, and yang, that Lin Ming had previously experienced. Those were tangible disasters, but this time it was entirely suppression of the Laws.

These invisible Laws could be as heavy as stars, able to grind down everything.

Lin Ming’s body emitted loud crackling sounds. No matter how durable his mortal body was, under the suppression of these Laws he still couldn’t withstand it.

Lin Ming clenched his jaws, his eyes turning red with effort. The moment that he had decided to break through the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, he had expected that this experience would be difficult. But, he didn’t think it would be difficult to such a ridiculous degree.

“Did I overestimate my 10% chance of success?”

Lin Ming was unwilling. In the past, Empyrean Primordius had undergone a similar tribulation, but back then, Empyrean Primordius also possessed the Grandmist Spirit Bead, a divine object of the highest level when it came to body transformation Laws. By relying on the Grandmist Spirit Bead to protect his body, only then did he overcome that tribulation.

As for Lin Ming, he had to resist the Heavenly Dao Law unarmed!

The difficulty of this could be imagined!


Lin Ming punched out his fists once more. Countless blood vessels exploded, leaving his clothes dripping red. His body was nearly crushed to pieces. And on the outside of this empty nothingness, Lin Ming’s true self was also in an extremely poor situation.

At this time, Lin Ming’s true body was pale white and shivering. He was bleeding from his nose, eyes, and ears!

Above Lin Ming’s head, the phantoms of nine stars were clearly visible. As the vast and endless starlight came sprinkling down, even Primordius Heavenly Palace vanished. Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian arrived in an endless cosmos. What they sat on was no longer the chaos stone bed, but the infinite galaxy.

“Lin Ming…”

Xiao Moxian’s heart tightened as she saw Lin Ming’s pained expression. She already knew that breaking into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace would be extremely risky. Even an extreme character like Empyrean Primordius had relied upon a divine object in order to break through. Moreover, when Empyrean Primordius had broken through to the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, he had already been cultivating for tens of thousands of years.

As for Lin Ming, all he had to rely on was his heated blood and ardent will. With his less than 60 years of cultivation, he was attempting to break through the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. The risks he faced could be imagined.

Xiao Moxian also paled. At this time, she didn’t know how she could help Lin Ming. Although a massive amount of energy entered her inner world, she still wasn’t able to make her breakthrough. There was just some kind of final catalyst that was missing.

Weng – Weng – !

The Heavenly Dao Laws revolved. Lin Ming shivered as he overdrew his strength. Right now, his strength was still far from enough for breaking past the barrier of the Heavenly Dao!

Lin Ming took a deep breath, resolving to wrestle against the odds with his life. Using the Grandmist Heavenly Dao, he forced a third python from the Grandmist Spirit Bead essence to enter his body!

This was also another 20% of the essence. Combined with the previous two times, Lin Ming had absorbed a total of 60% of the Grandmist Spirit Bead essence!

In front of Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian was panic-stricken.

Lin Ming was insane! His mortal body was already ruined to such a degree and yet he wanted to absorb another 20% of the Grandmist Spirit Bead essence. Just how could he possibly refine it?

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