Chapter 1527 – Attacking the Dao Palace

Chapter 1527 – Attacking the Dao Palace

Lin Ming was stunned as he heard Xiao  Moxian’s question. He asked in response, “Why would we be mortal enemies?”

“I mean, if.” Xiao Moxian said, not explaining much.

Lin Ming looked at Xiao Moxian strangely. At this time, she was asking such strange and bewildering questions. “These ifs that you speak of have no meaning at all. In this desperate life or death situation you still have the mind to ask such confusing questions; just what are you thinking?”

Xiao Moxian’s complexion darkened. She coldly said, “If the monster race and demon race were to stand on the opposite side of humanity? If our races must be foes with each other, will you kill me then?”

Xiao Moxian’s words caused Lin Ming’s heart to turn cold. He immediately understood what Xiao Moxian was trying to say.

In the war between the humans and saints, the monsters and demons were indeed able to stay uninvolved. And if they were to choose a side, it was hard to say which side they would decide to join. And, as the most important future figure of the monster and demon races, Xiao Moxian would likely become the eventual ruler of both races!

Even being hunted down by the saints was something that was only aimed at Lin Ming, not Xiao Moxian. If Xiao Moxian were...

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