Chapter 1525 – Like Rain With Water

Chapter 1525 – Like Rain With Water


A horrifying explosion rang through Primordius Heavenly Palace. These were the sounds of energy detonations that were wildly surging outside from the fierce battle between Tian Mingzi and the iron-armored spectral soldiers!

Even if Tian Mingzi was severely wounded, his strength was still formidable. His black sword was like the scythe of a death god, reaping through the battlefield and shearing iron-armored spectral soldiers in half!

“Heaven Absorbing Demon Art!”

Tian Mingzi’s right hand reached out and a terrifying suction force locked onto the spectral soldier that he had just killed, drawing out all of its strength to completely gather into him!

Tian Mingzi planned to restore himself using the dregs of this battle in order to reduce the total energy he lost to the barest minimum.

This was also the tyrannical feature of the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art. In a battle, one could use this overbearing technique to absorb the enemies’ strength, becoming ever stronger during battle!

In a situation where there was a great difference in strength, then after a battle ended, the martial artist who used the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art would have even more energy in their body than they did at the start.

“Mm!? This power is…!”


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