Chapter 1524 – Tragic

Chapter 1524 – Tragic

“Counterforce – Heaven Absorbing Demon Art!”

Tian Mingzi recklessly released the energy absorbed by the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art to withstand this strike!

And at this time, Lin Ming’s avatar came shooting towards Tian Mingzi without fear. Without any consideration for the black lights all around it, it wanted to attack Tian Mingzi!

Tian Mingzi’s complexion instantly turned ugly. He had personally witnessed Lin Ming’s avatar being punched in an all-out strike by a half-step Empyrean powerhouse, and yet it had only received injuries.

The defensive capabilities of this avatar were simply like those of a farm animal!

Just from this alone, Tian Mingzi knew that in a competition of defense, he couldn’t compete with this vicious beast in human form. In a situation that he couldn’t defend, there was no way he could resist the all-out attack of a half-step Empyrean.

Those with bare feet did not fear shoes with holes. This was only Lin Ming’s avatar, but the one defending was Tian Mingzi’s true self. To go all-out with his true self against an avatar, only an idiot would do something so stupid!

“Who cares if you attack me, I will block all attacks together!” Tian Mingzi’s eyes flashed with a grim light. In this moment, he stimulated his strength to the extreme!

The main threat to him was from...

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