Chapter 1522 – To Seek Survival In The Face Of Death

Chapter 1522 – To Seek Survival In The Face Of Death

Tian Mingzi slowly extracted a long sword from his spatial ring. This sword was black with a narrow blade. It was eight feet long and engraved with images of cruel and savage demons.

This was not the first time that Lin Ming had seen this sword. Tian Mingzi’s weapon was a strange sword variation, not much shorter than his Phoenix Blood Spear.

With Tian Mingzi’s strength in combination with this strange sword, the strength he could display in battle was hard to imagine.

“Although your strength is nothing compared to mine, I will do everything in my power to kill you and not give you the tiniest chance to resist!” Tian Mingzi said, his killing intent completely locked onto Lin Ming. He slowly advanced; each step he took was on a life zone dao pattern.

While pretending to be dead in Bai Qi’s tomb, Tian Mingzi carefully memorized where Lin Ming stepped. He knew where safety was and where danger was.

As long as he didn’t step on a death zone dao pattern then the grand array formation in Bai Qi’s tomb would not activate.

Seeing Tian Mingzi perfectly avoid the death zone dao patterns, Lin Ming’s complexion was solemn. His complete divine sense radiated outward as numerous possibilities were calculated...

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