Chapter 1521 – Crisis

Chapter 1521 – Crisis

“Lin Ming, let’s die together!”

Naqi crazily shouted. He was also a ruthless and decisive individual. He clearly knew he wasn’t Lin Ming’s match and chose a suicidal attack. In that moment, all of the energy within his body erupted as he rushed towards Lin Ming; he wanted to blow up all of his astral essence!

Naqi was also well aware that even if he exploded his body, it still wouldn’t be possible to kill Lin Ming. But, as long as he caused severe wounds to Lin Ming that was more than enough, because in this absolute killing zone, there was a chance Lin Ming could die if he was injured so deeply!

To cause heavy wounds to Lin Ming with his own death, this was 10,000 times better than having his soul sealed in the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel.

Lin Ming wasn’t surprised to see this at all. He sneered, withdrawing at the same time. His fingers flashed as he formed tens of thousands of gray seals.

As these seals appeared, the surrounding space and time began to distort. Even light was swallowed into these seals. Each of these seals that Lin Ming formed was a miniature...

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