Chapter 1520 Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel

Chapter 1520 – Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel

Xiao Moxian was extremely keen on Lin Ming’s avatar. She pinched the avatar’s muscles, feeling that they were as solid as rubber. “Lin Ming, this avatar grows through the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel, right?”

Xiao Moxian had also studied the first volume of the Asura Sutra. Although she hadn’t refined her own avatar, she had many understandings into them.

“Yes, by absorbing the demonic power that filters through the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel he can evolve, but that boundary of my avatar is limited by my own; it cannot be much higher than mine. At most, his cultivation will be one or two small boundaries higher. Perhaps, after I reach large success in the Asura Sutra First Volume he will be able to rise three small boundaries above me…”

Concerning the boundary of his avatar, Lin Ming couldn’t be sure. After all, the avatar that the Asura Road Master refined in the past did not use the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone as the material, but he had instead divided his own flesh, blood, and soul, similar to the relationship between Frost Dream and Divine Dream.

“The Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel can hold 10,000 demons and have them undergo 10,000 samsaras of life and death. Starting from today, I will begin collecting 10,000 demonic souls for my karmic wheel. This Ash Murder will be the first one!”

The first soul Lin Ming chose was that of a half-step Empyrean!

For those with low cultivation, weak strength, or pitiful talent, Lin Ming wouldn’t even glance at them. Not even Mister Zhou from before was able to arouse Lin Ming’s interest.

As Lin Ming looked out from Primordius Heavenly Palace, he saw Ash Murder engaged in fierce combat with the iron-armored spectral soldiers.

His wings had been sliced off and his arms were shattered, with his entire body covered in blood. His bones and organs were revealed in open wounds; he was already well past his limit!

But in this condition, Ash Murder still hadn’t died. Just how tenacious was he!


An iron-armored special soldier’s head was blown apart by Ash Murder’s fist. But at this time, five ghostly spears pierced towards Ash Murder’s chest from three different angles.

Ash Murder grasped out his hands, forcefully grabbing hold of four spears. However, the last spear thrust into his chest!

Ash Murder’s chest was already bloodied and gruesome, revealing his ribs. This ghostly spear thrust through the gap between the ribs, twisting apart Ash Murder’s heart and lungs to pieces!


Ash Murder coughed out a mouthful of blood. In the final throes of his life, he waved his hands, sending those four iron-armored spectral soldiers that he held the spears of flying far away.

Using this momentum, Ash Murder kicked the chest of the fifth iron-armored spectral soldier, impacting its chest so hard that it completely caved in.

At this time, Ash Murder felt a cold shadow cover his head. Before he could respond, he felt his head shake. With a loud bang, a vibrating force passed from his head to his ears, blowing out his eardrums and causing blood to leak out from his ears.

Like this, a black 10,000 jin hammer smashed into Ash Murder’s head. At this moment, Ash Murder’s eye lost focus. He felt the entire world blur, everything seeming to fade far away from him…

He fell to his knees, the blood leaking from his head covering his eyes. This was also the final moment of Ash Murder’s storied life. He never imagined that he, with his half-step Empyrean cultivation, who had lived a revered life, would actually be played to death by a Divine Lord junior in the end.

What a joke.

He looked towards the direction of Primordius Heavenly Palace. His consciousness began to fade away…

Ash Murder died. A half-step Empyrean had died in Bai Qi’s tomb, underneath the assault of the grand array formation here and Lin Ming’s planning.

108 iron-armored spectral soldiers. Of them, 52 had been destroyed by Ash Murder. Now, only slightly more than half were left.

From this alone, one could see just how terrifyingly strong a half-step Empyrean was.

As Ash Murder died, the iron-armored spectral soldier array formation also calmed down. Many of the iron-armored spectral soldiers returned to their statue-like state. In this battle, the array formation had consumed far too much energy. If this grand array formation was said to be able to persist for several billion more years before this, now it could only last for several hundred million more years and it would also be much weaker than it was originally.

“You stay inside. I’m going out to take a look.” Lin Ming said to Xiao Moxian within Primordius Heavenly Palace.

Xiao Moxian pursed her lips, but she didn’t argue with Lin Ming. There were layers upon layers of dangers in Bai Qi’s tomb, and with her current strength she was simply far too weak to go out right now.

Lin Ming slowly floated out from Primordius Heavenly Palace, landing on the black stone altar. He looked towards the characters that were carved onto the black stone altar, ‘Blue Throne Bai Qi’, and deeply bowed, gripping his fists together. “Senior Bai Qi, this junior was helplessly forced today, thus I was only able to lure the enemy here to engage in a life or death battle. I hadn’t known before that this was Senior’s tomb, so I apologize for any offense that I committed. Within a thousand years, junior will surely reenter this land and repair this array formation for Senior so that it is even stronger than before and Senior may rest in peace for billions of years more.”

Lin Ming didn’t know why Blue Throne Bai Qi was buried here. In the end, he could only say that it was his own fault for having disturbed Bai Qi’s tomb. The only way he could compensate for this was to repair the array formation in the future.

“Unfortunately, I have no idea what Senior Bai Qi’s last wish was, otherwise I could have helped him accomplish it.”

This time, Bai Qi could have been said to have given Lin Ming a life saving grace. With Lin Ming’s personality, he didn’t like owing favors to anyone.

After bowing to Bai Qi, Lin Ming turned to Ash Murder. He didn’t walk over first but instead used his avatar to investigate. After making sure that Ash Murder was completely dead, only then did he walk over himself.

Lin Ming had thoroughly and completely won this battle.

At this time, Lin Ming seemed to remember something. A playful smile graced his lips. His avatar lifted up his foot and then stomped down, brutally crushing Ash Murder’s left hand.


With a loud sound, Ash Murder’s hand was pressed into the ground. And on Ash Murder’s middle finger, the spatial ring that had lost the protection of its master’s energy exploded into pieces.

After the spatial ring exploded into pieces, a chaotic flow of space energy surged outwards. A massive amount of pills, weapons, armor, and talismans were thrown out. With a miserable cry, a distressed saint youth was flung out too.

This youth’s clothes were torn up, his body was covered in blood and his chest was caved in. His injuries were extremely heavy. Although he was able to rely on his powerful mortal body to slowly restore himself, he hadn’t been able to recover much. He only had 10-20% of his original combat strength remaining.

This saint youth was Imperial Prince Naqi!

At the start of the battle, Imperial Prince Naqi had been extremely wounded in his collision with Lin Ming. Afterwards, Lin Ming had followed up his attack, wanting to sever Naqi’s life. But just as Lin Ming was about to do so, Ash Murder had stuck his hand in and rescued Naqi, placing Naqi into his spatial ring.

Now that Ash Murder had died, Naqi naturally lost his protection.

Naqi’s lips leaked blood. He had wounds added atop his previous wounds. Within the spatial ring, he had been meditating, restoring himself. But then with the sudden rupture of the spatial ring, a ruinous space storm had formed and sucked him in. if Naqi was in his peak condition then a space storm of this degree wouldn’t have been anything to him. But Naqi had been in deep meditation to recover from his wounds. He should have had someone guarding him so that no one was able to disturb him, and now that he was swept into the space storm he actually suffered a grievous backlash.

He had no idea what had happened outside. After Naqi entered the spatial ring he had completely invested his focus into meditating, wanting to restore himself just that much faster. Only then would he be safe again. But now, he had been tossed out by Lin Ming onto the floor, unable to even tell what direction was what.

“Lin Ming, you little bastard!”

Naqi reflexively jumped up as he saw Lin Ming. He grasped his halberd and pointed it towards Lin Ming. Facing Lin Ming, his eyes gleamed with killing intent, his entire body on high alert.

But at this time, Naqi could see pity in Lin Ming’s eyes, like the mercy someone showed to their inferior. This sort of pity and faint contempt stoked a furious rage in Naqi’s heart.

“There is no need to look. They’ve all died. Moreover… you will also die.”

Lin Ming’s voice was indifferent, like the judgment of a death god.

“W-what!?” Naqi’s mind shook. He instantly used his sense to investigate the situation around him. Then, he saw a scene that caused his courage to crack.

He turned around and saw that just a step behind him was Ash Murder’s ruined body, leaking blood. Ash Murder’s bones were all shattered and his organs were a ruined mess. His corpse was covered with blood and all life had faded from his body.

Ash Murder’s empty eyes were still staring in the direction of Primordius Heavenly Palace, their lonely gaze filled with unwillingness and despair. He had died with everlasting regrets.

“M-mister Ash Murder!?”

Naqi’s heart shriveled as he saw Ash Murder’s corpse. He didn’t dare to believe, and was unable to believe, that the half-step Empyrean Ash Murder, someone far stronger than Mister Zhou, had died here and in such a miserable way.

As for Lin Ming, he was safely standing in front of him. Just how was this possible!?

For a time, Naqi’s entire body went icy cold, as if he had been plunged into the nine nether abyss!

“Im… impossible!”

Naqi despaired. He looked towards Lin Ming, his body shaking. Lin Ming had actually managed to kill Ash Murder; this was simply unthinkable. And, Ash Murder was Naqi’s final pillar of hope. With Ash Murder dead, his fate could be imagined.

“You’re over. This will be your grave… or, perhaps your grave will be my Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel. Although your cultivation isn’t high, your talent is in the highest echelons of your race. That gives you the qualifications to enter my Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel!”

As Lin Ming spoke, his right hand drew a circle in the air. The energy path left behind by his fingers formed a spinning gray wheel. The wheel had images of countless demon phantoms, ghosts, and monsters filling it, their expressions filled with anger, hatred, pain, and cruelty. This gray wheel slashed down at Imperial Prince Naqi.

After listening to Lin Ming’s words and seeing this Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel, Naqi’s complexion completely changed. He immediately understood that Lin Ming wanted to seal his soul away within this Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel to strengthen his devil arts.

However, what was pitiful was that he didn’t have any ability to resist. Let alone the fact that he was severely wounded right now, even if he were in his peak condition he wouldn’t have any hope of defeating Lin Ming!

“You think you can seal my soul? You can keep on dreaming!”

Naqi’s eyes turned blood red. He was fully aware that once his soul was sucked into Lin Ming’s terrifying gray wheel, he would be forever enslaved by Lin Ming, his soul never finding peace. This was a fate countless times more miserable than death. He would rather die than be sucked into Lin Ming’s grand array!

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