Chapter 152 - Thunderbolt Devilfire Bead

Chapter 152 Thunderbolt Devilfire Bead.


Chapter 152 – Thunderbolt Devilfire Bead

That sword in Zhang Guanyu’s hands was a high-grade human-step treasure. If Lin Ming had been holding the dark purple elastic iron spear, then this sword would have already pierced straight through the spear shaft!

Lin Ming only felt an unrivaled sharp strength vigorously transmit through him, and his body flew back in the air. He tumbled backwards for several dozens of feet before using his own strength to hold himself down, but the blood in his chest was still roiling from the impact.

So strong!

Lin Ming could not help but acknowledge that even though Zhang Guanyu’s true essence was impure, his strength was utterly dreadful!

“That slender sword bent a heavy spear. His sword was flooded with true essence, and with that irresistible strength, that sword forced me back so much. Zhang Guanyu is truly fierce.”

Zhang Guanyu was grinning like demon. He said, “Lin Ming, I told you that I already saw through you ‘Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist’! As long as I concentrate my true essence into a thin shape, I can use it to pierce through your vibrating true essence, and expose your weakness!”

“Expose my weakness?” Lin Ming smiled. This move might be somewhat useful to deal with the original ‘Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist’, but against ‘Flow like Silk’, it was pointless. The total wisdom of the Realm of the Gods had accumulated for countless millennia and repeatedly tempered into the ‘Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians’; how could it be something that someone as insignificant like Zhang Guanyu could break?

“Lin Ming, resign yourself to fate. Today, I will end the myth of your genius!” Zhang Guanyu howled like a depraved beast. The sword in his hand began to emit a keening wail, as if there were countless ghosts circling around the blade. With a loud explosion, the stones under Zhang Guanyu’s feet began to crack apart.

“Hehe, just die! Life Severing Dead Bone Blade!”

“Life Severing Dead Bone Blade?” Qin Xingxuan frowned. This was a an incomparably vicious and evil move, and it was also the most powerful maneuver within the first layer of the ‘Divine Acacia Power’.

The ‘Divine Acacia Power’ was a unification of martial skills and heart mantras. It was a demonic art that belonged to the path of evil. This so called demonic art was one that was filled with heretical and diabolical ways. For instance using women, devouring, going berserk, these were all methods in order to increase one’s strength and cultivation in a short time. It was easy for this cultivation method to cause one to be taken over by their darkest obsessions as if they were possessed by the devil. The sword would become slanted, and the style was insidious beyond measure; it could even cause damage to oneself.

The ‘Life Severing Dead Bone Blade’ was a sword move that released countless wronged spirits. Once this blade stabbed into its enemy, their true essence would be reversed, and it could absorb their flesh and blood life essence. If one’s cultivation was poor, then with a stab of the sword, it could even turn an enemy into bleached bones!

Even a martial artist at a high cultivation who had thick true essence would suffer a miserable fate if they were stabbed by this sword. Their body would lose much of their inner vitality, and it would cause the body to atrophy and wither away. The meridians, muscles, and tendons would all be wasted away, until they were finally turned into a disabled vegetable.

This kind of disability could only be cured by the rare material Human Lifedeath Boneflesh. Otherwise, it was simply impossible to cure. And this kind of rare material treasure was actually not something that a large sect like the Seven Profound Valleys could even make!

If one were to be struck by this ‘Life Severing Dead Bone Blade’, then their entire life’s martial arts cultivation would be half wiped out, or even completely ruined.

However, although this ‘Life Severing Dead Bone Blade’ was a perverse and malefic move, one could not freely use it. This sword move would cause whoever used it to have their mind and soul eroded by the unjust ghosts, and it would cause their personality to turn to chaos, until they finally became a mind-touched devil.

“This Zhang Guanyu is truly black hearted; he would actually dare to use this move. He is determined to destroy Lin Ming.” Qin Xingxuan was a core disciple of the Seven Profound Valleys, so she understood what effect the ‘Life Severing Dead Bone Blade’ had.

When she said this, Wang Yuhan’s heart suddenly painfully clenched. Lin Ming’s ‘Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist’ had already been suppressed. How would he confront this ‘Life Severing Dead Bone Blade’?

Zhang Guanyu’s sword had not even thrust out, yet Lin Ming could already feel a chilly wind blowing at him. This icy wind seemed to turn into a mass of aggrieved souls that wrapped around his hands and feet, suddenly slowing down Lin Ming’s movements.

Lin Ming frowned. “Ah? This sword move can actually affect my movements?”

“Haha! This is my strongest move; it is impossible for you to hide!” Zhang Guanyu let loose a demented cackle. His handsome face had already been completely twisted from before, and now it was just a mockery of a human. Countless ghosts emerged from Zhang Guanyu’s body. His hair was completely loose and blown up by the chilling breeze. Like this, he seemed to have wholly become a demon.

“Don’t worry; I will let you keep your life!” Zhang Guanyu cried out like a evil monster, and his sword thrust towards Lin Ming. Those myriad ghosts condensed onto Zhang Guanyu’s sword, and the sword blade completely turned white like bleached bones. It was as if Zhang Guanyu was not holding a sword in his hand, but a white bone!

Seeing this sword thrust reflected in his eyes, Lin Ming let loose a roar. True essence began to rapidly circulate throughout his body, and the Heretical God Seed in Lin Ming’s heart began to issue forth a blazing light. The highly compressed true essence scattered outwards and rushed into Lin Ming’s body and blood.

‘Heretical God Force’ – open!

The first layer of the ‘Heretical God Force’ could instantly increase one’s strength and true essence by 50%. In addition to the increased power from the ‘Strife Seal’, Lin Ming only felt his entire body blazing with fighting spirit!

Not only that, but all the accumulated momentum from his previous collisions with Zhang Guanyu instantly erupted at once. His spear thrust out and swept away the world!

As his unstoppable momentum burst forth, all the haunting ghosts that had affected his speed were blown away without a trace. Lin Ming was instantly restored to his peak speed. However, he did not intend to hide. His body contained a raging war-like thirst. He was like a volcano that had reached the critical point; he must erupt!

“I’ll let you see, the true ‘Flow like Silk’! —“

“Flood Dragon Goes to Sea!”

Lin Ming’s spear flew forwards. With a loud explosion, the ground underneath his feet completely ruptured. The cracks spread like an ever widening spider web. For a time, it was as if a true flood dragon had rushed out from Lin Ming’s silver spear.

True essence rioted and space seemed to be compressed as a terrible strength formed visible ripples in the air. It swept through the broken tiles on the floor, and scattered them like a hurricane!


Lin Ming’s spear which contained the peak of his strength struck Zhang Guanyu’s ‘Life Severing Dead Bone Blade’.

In that moment, all the tiny units within Lin Ming’s body began to vibrate together, and instantly turned into 5000 filaments of true essence. These 5000 true essence filaments were just like 5000 ominous, little, and ferocious flood dragons that rushed at Zhang Guanyu.

Cha cha cha cha cha cha!

The ‘Life Severing Dead Bone Blade’ that held so many ghosts was similar to waste paper as the small flood dragons lunged in and bit through!

This was a completely one-sided crushing!

The 5000 true essence filaments broke through the ‘Life Severing Dead Bone Blade’, and immediately rushed into Zhang Guanyu just like a rampaging pack of wild beasts.

Zhang Guanyu had already reached the Bone Forging stage, and true essence had sunk into his bones; his inner body’s defensive capabilities were simply amazing. But how could this keep off 5000 true essence threads of vibrating true essence enhanced by the ‘Heretical God Force’?

“Ah ah ah ah!”

Zhang Guanyu issued a piercing scream that turned into pitiful wails. Many of his organs had been torn, countless blood vessels had ruptured, and fresh blood spurted out from his body. Zhang Guanyu dropped his sword. It was as if his entire body had been turned inside out, and his body was like a broken bag of blood that crumpled to the ground.

There was total silence among the audience. Zhang Guanyu’s strongest move, the most brutal and savage finishing blow of the ‘Divine Acacia Power’s’ first layer – ‘Life Severing Dead Bone Blade’, had actually been sent flying with one thrust of Lin Ming’s spear!

Looking at the arena under Lin Ming’s feet, and the ring of cracks that were like a giant spider web that spread for dozens of feet, this was the utterly cataclysmic power which was created by the overwhelming true essence and strength of a monstrous genius!

The Seven Profound Martial House Master had given Lin Ming a test to defeat Zhang Guanyu in 4 months. Now, he had finished in only two and a half months!

And not only that, but he defeated Zhang Guanyu in his strongest state with the might of a single spear!

Lin Ming’s Heavy Profound Soft Spear did not even have an inscription symbol placed on it!

This was just too terrifying. With Lin Ming, no matter how impossible things seemed, it would become a likely possibility.


Zhang Guanyu’s five organs had been broken, and he had lost a massive amount of blood. But still, his facial muscles contorted as if they were about to break, and his heart was filled to the brim with agonizing hatred!

“Lin Ming, I will kill you!”

Zhang Guanyu bit his tongue, and reached out a hand to the gray spatial ring he had.

This scene immediately aroused Lin Ming’s vigilance. He clearly remembered that before this fight began, Ouyang Dihua had quietly given Zhang Guanyu a spatial ring; that was the same one he was now reaching for.

With Ouyang Dihua’s background in the Seven Profound Valleys, anything he gave was certainly not some commonplace object.

Lin Ming’s heart was filled with a great sense of crisis. Without a word, he aimed his spear at Zhang Guanyu’s hand, and shot out the Heavy Profound Soft Spear!


The 1200 jin Heavy Profound Soft Spear broke free with a shrill sound as it flew out; the inherent power within it was extremely horrifying!

Zhang Guanyu had just taken out the Thunderbolt Devilfire Bead, when that Heavy Profound Soft Spear pierced the palm of his hand. With mere flesh and blood that had already lost its true essence protection facing such a relentless strength, the results could be imagined!


Zhang Guanyu’s pale and slender hand was like a block of tofu that was smashed apart by a heavy hammer!

“Ah ah ah ah ah!” Zhang Guanyu held on to his broken wrist and screamed in pain. At this time, Lin Ming suddenly rushed forwards and aimed a palm at Zhang Guanyu’s back.

‘Pulse Cutting Palm!’


Lin Ming’s ears rang with the sound of Ouyang Dihua’s shout. But Lin Ming did not listen to him, and still struck his palm towards Zhang Guanyu.

Ouyang Dihua coldly coughed, and his body that had been relaxed and sitting suddenly and violent rushed out. The chair he was sitting in was broken apart by the explosive strength and scattered everywhere.

Ouyang Dihua had wanted to wait for Zhang Guanyu to throw the Thunderbolt Devilfire Bead and severely wound or even kill Lin Ming. The Thunderbolt Devilfire Bead was made by an array master of the Seven Profound Valleys; it could kill even an early Pulse Condensation Period martial artist. This sort of treasure could only be produced by a large sect, and it was an absolutely forbidden item within the mortal world.

Ouyang Dihua believed that if Lin Ming were to be directly struck by the Thunderbolt Devilfire Bead, then he would meet certain death. Even if it only partially touched him, he would still be seriously injured or disabled.

But he had never expected that Lin Ming would be so decisive. Just at the moment when Zhang Guanyu had taken out the Thunderbolt Devilfire Bead, Lin Ming had already thrown the Heavy Profound Soft Spear, and turned Zhang Guanyu’s hand into ground meat!

Now Zhang Guanyu had already lost all of his strength to resist and yet Lin Ming still wanted to use a heavy hand to injure him; how could Ouyang Dihua idly sit by and do nothing? After all, Zhang Guanyu was intimately involved with the acquisition of the 12 Pure Yin girls. If Zhang Guanyu died, then the entire reason that he came to the Sky Fortune Kingdom would be for naught!


Seeing Lin Ming simply ignore his orders and still rush at Zhang Guanyu, Ouyang Dihua felt a rising rage in his heart. He raised his true essence and struck out a palm towards Lin Ming.

In this palm strike, Ouyang Dihua had mercilessly used his full strength; it was meant to seriously injure or even kill Lin Ming.

Just when he thought he had reached Lin Ming’s path, and was prepared to kill Lin Ming, Lin Ming’s speed suddenly shot up!

‘Golden Roc Shattering the Void’!

Lin Ming used the powered state of the ‘Heretical God Force’ to display the ‘Golden Roc Shattering the Void’. In that instant, his speed had reached an extreme velocity. Compared to when he had faced Zhang Guanyu a moment ago, he was over 50% faster!

This phantom-like speed had already far exceeded Ouyang Dihua’s maximum speed.

Ouyang Dihua’s palm hit nothing but air!


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