Chapter 1519 – Unimaginable

Chapter 1519 – Unimaginable


With a resounding crack, Lin Ming’s protective true essence exploded as Ash Murder’s fist smashed into him. In that moment, his ribs collapsed and he spat out a mouthful of blood as he was sent flying backwards!

However, Ash Murder was the one who was surprised by his fist’s damaging effects. He thought that his fist strike would tear Lin Ming apart, and yet it only caused him to vomit blood?

When his fist struck Lin Ming’s body, Ash Murder felt like he had struck an ancient bronze bell that had been refined for an extremely long period of time, making his fist shake to the point of pain!

Even he didn’t possess such a bodily intensity; this was simply incredible!

He was a half-step Empyrean who also specialized in body transformation and Lin Ming was only an early Divine Lord powerhouse who took the body transformation as his subclass of martial arts. When comparing the both of them, how could there be any comparison at all?

“What a durable mortal body, this boy must have had some strange fortuitous encounter!”

Ash Murder was inexplicably shocked as Lin Ming crashed into the black stone altar. Although Lin Ming was coughing up blood his life force remained as vibrant and blazing as before, without seeming as if it...

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