Chapter 1516 – The Furious Ash Murder

Chapter 1516 – The Furious Ash Murder

Seeing Imperial Prince Naqi grievously injured by his spear strike, how could Lin Ming give him a chance to recover? Taking advantage of his weakened state, Lin Ming stepped forwards, slashing out the Phoenix Blood Spear to take Naqi’s head!

To finish off his opponents without any reservation, this was how Lin Ming fought!

“Your Highness!”

Beside Naqi, Manyu cried out in panic. If the Imperial Prince died then it would be because of his protection being flawed. Once he returned to the saint race he would suffer extreme penalties.

“You dare to injure the Imperial Prince of my people? I’ll take your life!” Manyu grabbed a saber and cut out at Lin Ming’s waist, wanting to use this attack to force him back.

Lin Ming shouted out loud and a broad and ancient stone gate appeared beside him. This stone gate was as stable and still as a mountain, completely blocking Manyu’s saber strike!


The saber slashed down on the stone gate. The stone gate only trembled a little but not a single mark was left behind.

“Out of my way!”

Lin Ming struck his palm out on the stone gate. The stone gate howled out, suppressing Manyu!

“This brat!” Manyu was shocked. Lin Ming’s...

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