MW Chapter 1515

Chapter 1515 – Violently Beating the Imperial Prince

A bright red light began sparkling within the eyes of the 108 sculptures, causing a deep sense of fear to stir within Ash Murder.

Their bodies were emitting a horrifying demonic power!

“These sculptures…” Naqi looked at the 108 sculptures, frowning. He could sense a dangerous aura from them, one that made him feel sick and uneasy!

“Mister Ash Murder!” Naqi couldn’t help but call out.

“It’s no problem.” Ash Murder waved his hand. “The situation is still well within my hand.”

Ash Murder took a step back, turning towards those 108 iron-armored spectral soldiers. Astral essence revolved all over his body as he maintained an air of calm around him.

Seeing Ash Murder’s appearance, Naqi felt slightly relieved. Within this absolute killing zone of God Burying Ridge, he was far too weak. He needed the protection of powerhouses to survive here.

“These 108 sculptures are guarding the divine trove. For such a divine trove, it would actually be more strange if there weren’t guardians.” Ash Murder raised both his hands together, drawing dao patterns in the air.

“We first must handle them, otherwise it will be extremely troublesome once we are digging up the treasures!”

As Ash Murder spoke he formed thousands...

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